Neodymium Magnets Available in Configurations to Suit Virtually Any Application

Cincinnati, OH -Neodymium iron boron magnets from The Electrodyne Company are available in three configurations including rigid compression molded magnets, injection molded magnets, and flexible magnets. Magnetic strengths of 3.5 to 9 MGOe are custom formulated per individual application requirements, making Electrodyne neodymium magnets ideal for many OEM, industrial and commercial applications.

Reance(TM) C rigid magnets feature high magnetic strength in a molded, rigid shape for many industrial applications. They are compression molded using an epoxy binder in common shapes such as rings, arcs, cylinders, cubes and more. Reance(TM) C magnets are manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances and utilize low cost tooling techniques, allowing for economical prototyping and production quantities. These rigid magnets can be custom formulated to particular magnetic requirements at strengths up to 10 MGOe, but with greater durability than traditional sintered magnets. These unique properties make Reance(TM) C ideal for use in cordless power equipment, sensors, motors, medical devices, and many other applications.

Reance I(TM) neodymium iron boron magnet products can be injection molded to intricate shapes and sizes. Using Nylon 6 as the binder allows engineers to design magnetic circuits in ways that are impossible to achieve with traditional magnet types. Reance I(TM) permanent magnets are available to 4.0 MGOe, providing high flux density with unparalleled durability. Production techniques for Reance I(TM) allow very tight dimensional tolerances throughout long production runs. These unique properties and characteristics make Reance I(TM) ideal for use in varied applications including sensors, air cylinders, medical devices and more.

"The great thing about injection molded magnets" says Electrodyne Marketing Manager Ken Koch, "is that we can make them to any shape the customer dreams up. We've molded magnets into intricate shapes that are precise over production runs of 30,000 or more. This gives designers peace of mind, and helps to amortize tooling costs over very long production runs - driving down the per unit finished cost."

Patented Reance(TM) F (U.S. Patent No. 4,873,504) and Reance(TM) SF (U.S. Patent No. 6,707,361) combine magnetic strength of up to 9.0MGOe with flexibility never before seen in a high energy magnet. The flexibility and toughness of these materials have the ability to hold very tight radiuses without cracking, breaking or losing any of their magnetic properties. Easily fabricated with low or non-existent tooling costs, flexible Reance(TM) is available in sheets or strips, and can be easily slit, drilled, die-cut or punched to customer specifications, making it ideal for use in sensors, guitar pick ups, toner transfer rollers, medical devices and more. Reance(TM) F can be produced as thin as .012", allowing it to be used where magnets were impractical beforehand.

Electrodyne's veteran staff can provide technical assistance, including the production of specialized compounds and magnetizing fixtures to meet customers' requirements.

With over thirty years of experience and nearly 50 patents awarded to them, The Electrodyne Company Inc., is an industry leader in magnetic material design and manufacturing. Their fully equipped lab can perform testing to include magnetic hysteresis, magnetic field mapping, tensile strength, elongation, gauss measurements, heat aging, pull testing, and more. All facilities are ISO 9001/2000 registered for quality `assurance. For more information contact The Electrodyne Company, Inc., 4188 Taylor Road, Batavia, OH 45103, visit, or call (513) 732-2822.

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