Neoconix Launches Low Profile, Small Pitch, 1-Day Lead Time Connector Family

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Neoconix today announced immediate availability of its new SPH1 family of compression connector products for flex-to-board and board-to-board applications. Utilizing PCBeam(TM) connector technology, these products combine high density and high reliability with outstanding electrical performance.

Within the SPH1 family of standard products, Neoconix offers area-array connectors at 0.8mm pitch, 1.0mm pitch, and 1.27mm pitch, with pin counts ranging from 80 to 120 positions. Interposer thicknesses range from 0.5mm to 3.0mm fully mated. The 0.5mm mated thickness provides one of the lowest profile flex-to-board connections in the world.

"Our business has historically revolved around custom designs, taking advantage of the unique design flexibility of PCBeam technology," said Woody Maynard, Sr. Director of Product Marketing. "However, with our growing customer base, it is becoming increasingly important that we also have some immediately available, standardized solutions. Our goal here is to give customers some simple, off-the-shelf options that can be readily implemented with minimal design effort and up-front investment. Design adjustments can always come later if needed."

Neoconix also offers compatible compression hardware for simple integration into the end system. The hardware includes backers, integrated alignment pins, and mounting screws. Customers have the option of ordering full kits with hardware included or ordering individual interposers only. Product specifications, drawings, and pricing are available by contacting Neoconix at

In addition, Neoconix continues to offer custom products, utilizing the unparalleled design flexibility of its lithography-based PCBeam(TM) connector technology. Neoconix's products have been qualified through comprehensive EIA and MIL reliability standards, and are used in a wide range of military, commercial, and consumer products. All SPH1 connectors are RoHS 2002/95/EC compliant.

Neoconix, Inc. is a premier supplier of high density, high performance electrical connectors and interconnects. The company leverages its advanced printed circuit board (PCB) processing techniques to enable high-performance connectors at low cost. Characterized by exceptional dimensional control at fine feature sizes, Neoconix's PCBeam(TM) technology is ideal for a broad set of Board-to-Board, Flex-to-Board and IC Device-to-Board applications. Neoconix's products and technologies are used in many electronics markets, including computing, military, mobile electronics, telecommunications, and test equipment.

SOURCE Neoconix, Inc.

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