NEC UK Shows How Global Biometric Solutions Could Enhance UK Border Control

LONDON, October 18// -- Innovative and Viable Solutions Demonstrated at Biometrics 2006

NEC is bringing its NeoFace(TM) biometric face recognition system to the UK. The solution which is already strengthening the efficiency of Hong Kong immigration, accurately recognises faces, and records and registers their biometric characteristics. By verifying unique identities the technology efficiently reduces the opportunity for individuals to use multiple identities.

NEC fingerprint and facial biometrics are underpinning a number of ground-breaking solutions around the world that could strengthen border control in the UK, in light of ongoing security concerns. At Biometrics 2006, NEC will be demonstrating the innovative solutions that have made it a leading security supplier and systems integrator across the world, with government national deployments, including passports, ID cards and visas to border control.

"In the three months since the Heathrow security alert, and the year since the London bombings, the security awareness has never been greater. Fingerprinting, facial recognition and biometric passports will strengthen the current immigration processes. Increased efficiencies by reducing queues and waiting-times for passengers, as well as reinforcement for passport officials are proven. For example, NEC in Singapore was able to significantly increase the efficiency of its immigration officials on duty by implementing an automated biometric border control solution, and are still providing ongoing efficiencies," said Carl Gohringer, Head of Security and Identity Solutions, NEC UK.

The application of facial recognition technology within government departments is proving successful for NEC customers. Italian Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS), one of the Italian Ministry of the Interior's agencies, is using NEC's Quality Tool Face® to help verify the identity of those applying for residence permits to help eliminate fraud by ensuring the applicant's images conform to the required criteria.

NEC is recognised by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)[1] as providing the world's most accurate fingerprint identification technology, a fact that was confirmed by the United Nations' selection of NEC biometric software as the fastest and most accurate for the biometric enrollment kits developed by Belgium Systems Integrator Zetes and made it possible for the Democratic Republic of Congo to hold its first democratic election in December. The custom-built Mobile Biometric Enrolment Solution was the first of its kind and enabled more than 20 million voters to verify their identity with fingerprint technology and prevented individuals from voting more than once.

NEC has been developing their Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) since 1969 and its global expertise is key to a number of large scale national projects. The world's largest biometric database for the South African Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS) provides a fully integrated 10 fingerprint identity solution to over 45 million adults.

"NEC has a strong global track record, with end-to-end intelligence and solutions. It is well-known that NEC is committed to Research and Development having invested 5.7% of its global net sales or GBP1,387 million in 2005. For security solutions, we have focused developments on 3D facial recognition, DNA and Multi-Modal biometric solutions to ensure higher accuracy," confirmed Gohringer.

NEC's NeoFace solution, Mobile Biometric Enrolment Solution used for the Democratic Republic of Congo elections, biometric enrolment software for Asylum Seeker applications and its airport style biometric kiosk for travel documents will be on display at this year's Biometrics 2006 conference.

Carl Gohringer will be available for interview at NEC Stand 408 at Biometrics 2006.

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