Nd:YAG - Laser Welding Systems

Date: 2-16-09

Process Welding Systems, Inc. (PWS) has partnered with OR Lasertechnology, Inc. to sell their line of laser welders. PWS recently installed an HTS 160 Watt Laser System in our weld lab for use in welding demonstrations, welding development, weld training and contract welding.

The HTS 160 features motor traverse in X/Y/Z and R axis, teach-in function, autoweld (CNC control), internal compressor cooling system and precision rail system by THK. The laser welder can join dissimilar and exotic materials with low heat input, low thermal distortion and with filler materials.

PWS will provide sales, training, service, accessories and support for systems sold.

If you need to join fine intricate materials please contact Process Welding Systems, Inc. for turnkey laser, plasma, TIG and MIG welding systems. For information call or e-mail Process Welding Systems, Inc.- 72 Buchanan St. - LaVergne, TN 37086 - Ph: 615-793-7020, e-mail: proweld1@gte.net, website: www.processwelding.com

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