NCSIMUL Player 9: When NC Programming Becomes a Fully Immersive, Collaborative and Mobile Experience

SPRING Technologies reinforces its NCEXPERIENCE with a collaborative and machining simulation viewer, on Windows 7 and 8

Paris – SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that enhance the productivity of NC machines, is launching NCSIMUL Player 9, the new version of NCSIMUL Machine 9 viewer, the new generation of its flagship solution for realistic machining simulation.

NCSIMUL Player is a freely downloadable 3D viewer, enabling users to share their simulated 3D machining jobs quickly and easily. More than just a simple viewer, NCSIMUL Player offers not only NC operators but all stakeholders in the machining process a fully interactive, collaborative and mobile experience of the NC program linked to the machining simulation.

The Power of 3d Serving The Workshop: Rich, Precise, Mobile NC Information

NCSIMUL Player allows users to analyze, manipulate, interact with and display their NC programs and machining simulations in real time, block by block or as an end result. The NC information is enriched and accessible via a set of functions that are either brand new or have been totally overhauled: simulation review, access to 3D functional dimensioning, measurement tool, enriched display (realistic renderings, interaction with the 3D geometry, tool path, rough stock, assembly, clamps, contextual zooms, sections) and an integrated screen capture tool.

By associating the power of 3D with extended viewing functions (program scrolling, material removal, change of viewing angle…) you can:

• Visually present your machining operations in a clear, easy form to customers, suppliers and operators

• Cut costs and deadlines linked to modifications of your machining parameters

• Bring high-precision machining simulation data (cutting conditions, total/per tool machining time, etc.) to all stakeholders in the manufacturing process

Easy to implement and use, NCSIMUL PLAYER is the ideal companion to your solutions for machining simulation (NCSIMUL Machine), DNC and machine status monitoring (NCSIMUL DNC), and production documentation publication (NCSIMUL Publisher and NCdoc, an NCSIMUL Machine module).

Key New Features

• Enhanced user EXPERIENCE, simplified ERGONOMICS, greater MOBILITY

NCSIMUL Player takes advantage of the advanced ergonomics of NCSIMUL Machine 9, fully compatible with a touch interface (intuitive, context-sensitive icons), facilitating manipulation in 3D space, and quick access to the range of functionality (measurement, functional dimensioning, simulation review, etc…) reducing the click count.

- Previewing via NCSIMUL Machine Hub:

The 3D movies are directly accessible via this "tile" application developed in the Windows 8 Pro environment: direct, single-click access to all NC simulation movies available on the network.

- Automatic generation of the 3D NC film in a single click from NCSIMUL Machine 9

• ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE 32/64-bit backward compatible VIEWING

The viewing technology embodied in NCSIMUL Player is backward compatible and bidirectional compatible between 32 and 64 bit operating systems: the contents of a machining job generated by NCSIMUL Machine down to version 8.9.4 or the associated 3D movie can be displayed native on any 32-bit or 64-bitWindows 8 and 7 OS.

• COLLABORATION throughout the extended workshop

- NCSIMUL Player and its np3 format substantially enhance collaboration around NC data. The simulation data is naturally accessible to all other manufacturing processes. NC program information produced by the Process Planning department can now be accessed across the whole extended workshop by customers, suppliers, etc.

- The np3 format makes it possible to incorporate simulation data in technical documentation, instruction sheets, project review, etc. This ability to reuse NC information enlarges the regular machining simulation user community to programmers, operators, and workshop and project managers for all outsourced operations.


The completely overhauled wizard installs all functionalities easily in just a few clicks.

• SECURITY– Protection of NC programming IP

Because programming is a unique know how, the encryption of the np3 files safeguards your programming know how in complete security.


Integrate your3D machining movie into your production documentation via NCdoc, NCSIMUL Publisher or attach it to your NC program via NCSIMUL DNCto ensure maximum security for your operations.

NCSIMUL Player 9 keywords: NC Programming- Integrated – Ergonomic – Collaborative – Mobile – Performance – Speed

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies sums up: "On January 24 2013 we announced that NCSIMUL Machine 9 would be the first building block in a whole new range of interactive, comprehensive, integrated and instrumented products. "Smart Machining" is under way, NCSIMUL Player 9 is the logical follow-up. We are determined to offer manufacturers everything they need to go all the way in the upcoming revolution: "Smart Factories" serving "Smart Industries". We have all the assets we need to do just that: products, services, people, expertise, and customers."

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About SPRING Technologies

SPRING Technologies helps its customers in manufacturing to run their machines at optimal performance levels and maximize their productivity. Its smart solutions are integrated, intelligent, instrumented, and anchored in its NCEXPERIENCE philosophy. Its portfolio, NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, ensures real-time support of the complete machining process including cutting and tool management, post-processing, NC simulation, technical content publishing, and DNC.

Founded in 1983, the company is based in France, Germany, PR China and the USA and collaborates closely with manufacturers in the aerospace and defense, transportation, energy, industrial equipment and medical sectors worldwide.

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