NC Post Processor helps optimize manufacturing operations.

Press Release Summary:

CAM-POST 2001 includes fully automated Coordinate Frame Transformation, which enables use of 2 1/2 D cycles and controls on canted surfaces. This reduces manufacturing costs by calculating new location and orientation of tool while compensating for tool length and diameters. Other enhancements include three new wizards for installation, user interface and modifications.

Original Press Release:

ICAM Announces the Release of CAM-POST(R) 2001

MONTREAL, November 19, 2001- ICAM Technologies Corporation announces the release of its latest NC post-processor development tool CAM-POST® 2001. Designed to make NC post-processing easier, CAM-POST 2001 delivers with over 130 improvements, upgrades and new features.

New for CAM-POST 2001 is a fully automated Coordinate Frame Transformation feature, which enables the use of 21Y2 D cycles and controller features on canted surfaces. This feature reduces manufacturing costs by calculating the new location and orientation of the tool while compensating for tool length and diameters.

CAM-POST 2001 also introduces three new Wizards (available on Windows systems):

1) The lnstallShield Wizard that supports both CD-ROM and on-line web installations and upgrades,

2) The New-Post Wizard, a powerful graphical user interface tool allows users with all levels of expertise to accurately create an unlimited number of new NC post-processors in record time, and

3) The Modification Wizard, designed to make the most common types of changes to a NC post-processor easy and effortless.

New features for CAM-POST 2001 also include Combined Spindle/Coolant codes and look-ahead features, improved LINTOL Rotary Turnaround and path planning optimizations.

In addition ICAM has expanded High Speed Machining, NURBS Fitting, and CL input capabilities. ICAM has also simplified macro editing and review, added 13 new macro variables, 8 new post-processor configurations, and has added, new and updated interface kits, HTML capable output, an easier installation procedure, cross-platform database compatibility and much more.

"CAM-POST 2001 represents the latest advancements in NC post-processing technology," says John J. Nassr, President of ICAM. "For the past 30 years we have witnessed the evolution of CAD/CAM and CNC technologies, and have strived to stay ahead of these ever changing markets. CAM-POST 2001 is an accumulation of all our technological efforts to create a solution that is more powerful, easier, and better than ever to use - a product that will meet all your NC post-processing needs of today and tomorrow."

ICAM has also developed a new launch panel to simplify the development and productive use of NC post-processors, especially when switching between multiple CAM interface kits. Other features include an integrated test capability that speeds the development of post-processors, and a Visual Debugging environment with breakpoint dialogs, source listings, variable watch windows, quick restart and more.

"One important role of an advanced NC Post-Processor is to optimize manufacturing output. By adding features like the Wizard and Visual Debugging to CAM-POST you no longer have to be an expert to create a fully functional and intelligent post," explains Brian Francis Director of Product Development for ICAM.

ICAM Technologies Corporation has been the leader in developing NC post-processing solutions for over 30 years. Manufacturers in every major industry use ICAM's CAM-POST® product line, including Custom NC post-processors, in over 50 countries. ICAM also offers a complete range of consulting and training services to advance the art of NC post-processor development and application.

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