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Model NAV2000 Voice Interactive System features Voice Only Guidance to facilitate navigation. Driver speaks into Visor Mount Microphone, and system guides driver turn-by-turn with voice commands. System can be moved from car to car, using cigarette lighter adapter, magnetic-mount GPS antenna, and visor mount microphone. DVD-based Model NPD5500 comes with DVD navigation software for 48 contiguous states and Canada, and Destinations Plus for over 6.5 million Points of Interest.

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New Audiovox DVD and Voice Interactive Navigation Systems Lead 2004 Line Up

Las Vegas NV - January 2004 - In response to the consumer preference for user friendly navigation systems, Audiovox has introduced the NAV2000 Voice Interactive System, which features Voice Only Guidance for simple, easy-to-use navigation. The driver simply speaks to the unit through the supplied Visor Mount Microphone and the system does the rest, easily and efficiently, turn-by-turn, with easy-to-understand voice commands. Simply spell your destination, or request a particular type of "Points of Interests" location such as "Nearest Gas Station", you will be guided to your destination. Easy to use voice commands such as "Route", "Distance" or "Detour" make inputting information on the go safe and easy. A directory of "Favorite Places" allows easy recall of previously saved destinations. The driver can also preview his route before leaving the driveway, sort of a "heads-up" before heading out! The NAV2000 can be moved from car to car, using its cigarette lighter adapter, magnetic-mount GPS antenna, visor mount microphone, all which come in an easy-to-carry case. It can also be installed in the vehicle, using the optional installation kit.
MSRP: $900.00.

"For the fastest information delivery system on the market today, look no further than the new DVD based NPD5500," said Tom Malone, Senior VP of Audiovox Electronics Corporation. This unit comes with the latest DVD navigation full-coverage software from Navtech for the 48 contiguous states and Canada, and will include "Destinations Plus" for a complete library of over 6.5 million Points of Interest (POI). The NPD5500 also features the option of "coded access", or C-IQ "Content On Demand", a subscriber program which allows the driver to update their mapping software by activating only the area that he or she will use the most. For example, a user can choose to activate a single state or a three or four-state region for one year. A user can also activate a territory and pay a minimum fee for using that portion of the disc, for a limited time. Great feature for vacationers. Another advantage of C-IQ is that Audiovox will provide a new updated map disc once a year- a major difference from our competitors who require an annual purchase of updated software in order to keep the maps current. MSRP: $1,700.

Scheduled for the first quarter of 2004 is the Audiovox NPC5400, a high-speed CD-ROM system that Malone says will be almost as fast as the current NPD5500. The NPC5400 will come with a complete set of maps covering the 48 contiguous states and Canada. The price will include activation of one map. MSRP: $1,200.00.

Malone points out that one of the biggest challenges in the navigation category is screen location. "There are numerous issues to be considered," he says, "such as airbag deployment and cosmetics as well as visibility as it pertains to theft." Audiovox deals with this by offering a variety of navigation screen options. The company has a 5-inch and a 5.8-inch screen, LCM5N and LCM58N, respectively, as well as three different in-dash units, all featuring a motorized 7-inch screen (PAV-7, PAV-9 and PAV-2000DTV).

o LCM5N - 5-inch wide screen (16:9) color TFT LCD monitor with RGB input and mounting bracket. Features full screen color map or pictogram (turn-by-turn), split screen display with map and pictogram, an on-screen display, picture control on top of unit, Brightness, Color, Tint and Contrast control, an RGB input for direct plug in of an Audiovox Navigation System, a 3.5mm input for NTSC video, and a remote sensor for the navigation wireless remote. MSRP: $400.00.

o LCM58N - 5.8 inch wide screen (16:9) color TFT LCD monitor that can be mounted on the dashboard, using a fan bracket or an aftermarket custom mount. This unit includes a remote sensor for the navigation wireless remote, an RGB input for direct plug in of an Audiovox Navigation System and a 3.5mm input for NTSC video. MSRP: $500.00.

In addition to the navigation screens, Audiovox has two rear-view mirror options that are virtually invisible; they appear to be standard rear-view mirrors until the 4-inch screen is turned on and in use.

o LCMR4N - Strap-on replacement Rear-View Mirror/Navigation Monitor. Features include 4-inch color display built into mirror surface. Display is on left side of mirror for easy viewing, built-in microphone and speakers for hands-free cellular use. MSRP: $400.00. Note: navigation unit must be purchased separately. Hands-free will not operate on all cellular phones.

o RVMPKG2 - Rear-view mirror with 4-inch LCD screen. Features include hands-free cellular input, 2 built-in speakers, microphone, rear-view camera input, Aux video input and Navigation input. MSRP: $500.00. Note: navigation unit, internal and external cameras must be purchased separately. Hands-free will not operate on all cellular phones.

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