Navigation Sensors help automate inventory tracking.

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NavPax Sensor Units integrate 3-axis MEMS gyros, accelerometers, compass, signal processing, and GPS information to provide complete package for real-time, land-based vehicle tracking solutions. They are used as part of RFID-aided warehouse tracking system that tracks position of each forklift, unique cargo identification, and pick-up and put-down locations of inventory with accuracy to 99%.

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NavPax Navigation Sensor Make Automated Inventory Tracking Easy, Affordable

Utica NY -September 06 2005 - Integrated Sensors new NavPax Navigation Sensor Units are playing a critical role in a tracking system designed to monitor inventory and increase efficiency in dynamic warehouse environments. Real-time location monitoring of forklifts operating in a one million square-foot facility requires a rugged, automatic and precise navigation and tracking system. To that end, Integrated Sensors, Inc., has co-developed a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-aided warehouse tracking system for forklifts and other vehicles. The system, already in use by a Fortune 50 company, tracks the position of each forklift, its unique cargo identification, and the pick-up and put-down locations of the inventory. Within this system, the NavPax Navigation unit help ensure that the forklifts transport and locate inventory throughout the facility safely, quickly, and correctly.

The warehouse tracking system was developed as an automatic procedure to track the stocking and storage of inventory. The system uses RFID technology, which allows the automated forklift to scan the RFID tag on a product, identify the product and pinpoints its exact location in the facility. Additionally, unique RFID tags are buried in the warehouse floor, allowing them to be read by the RFID reader as position updates, when the forklift passes over each tag. The system is able to track products that leave the warehouse and are placed on semi-trailers and rail cars. The NavPax Navigation Sensor has enabled tracking system to achieve cargo pick up and put down location accuracy to 99% compared to 85% for the previous manual system. "The result has been an annual savings of $1 million on product shrinkage" said Ed McDermott, President of Integrated Sensors, Inc.

NavPax fully integrates 3-axis MEMS gyros, accelerometers, compass, signal processing and GPS information to provide a complete sensor package for real time land based vehicle-tracking solutions. Integrated Sensors selected MEMS technology as a component in the new NavPax Navigation Sensor because of their size, affordable combination of bias stability, precise output, and dependable performance through a range of temperatures.

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