NaturalNano Launches Development of Extended Release Applications

ROCHESTER, NY | Posted on November 6th, 2007

NaturalNano, Inc. (OTCBB: NNAN) (FWB: N3N) (, a developer of advanced nanomaterials and additive technologies, today announced the Company is advancing to the next stage in its commercialization strategy, developing extended release applications for its family of Pleximer(TM) products. Recently, NaturalNano announced the commercialization of its first product within the Pleximer suite, a nylon-based additive known as Pleximer-N(TM). Additional Pleximer products will be introduced in early 2008, with extended release applications coming in the second half of 2008.

Pleximer is NaturalNano's proprietary patented, turn-key nanocomposite concentrate that, when added to a composite polymer material, produces stronger, lighter and less expensive products. NaturalNano reported it is moving to the next phase of laboratory-scale research and testing focused on filling the Halloysite Nanotubes (HNT(TM)) with selected additives to create a slow, extended release. By filling the naturally occurring hollow tubes, NaturalNano can further customize Pleximer to meet manufacturers' needs.

"We see commercializing Pleximer with extended release capabilities as not only the next step in expanding our product offerings, but as the next evolutionary stage in the development of nanocomposites," said Cathy Fleischer, President and Chief Technical Officer of NaturalNano. "By mastering the ability to affect the release of various chemicals, nanocomposites become a highly specialized material with competitive advantages for commercial and consumer products."

NaturalNano's research team is currently working to fill the HNTs with fragrances that could be released slowly over time, in order to create coatings with a wide variety of uses. The Company noted that the potential exists for these coatings to enhance a diverse range of products in the $107 billion fabric industry, where researchers could add antimicrobial compounds to athletic clothing or extend the life of the popular "new car" smell. Additionally, NaturalNano believes that efforts in the $25 billion furniture industry could include adding such compounds as flame retardants to furniture which would release only when under extreme heat.

NaturalNano maintains one of the most significant intellectual property portfolios in extended release research in the nanocomposite industry. This extensive portfolio and expertise allowed the Company to acquire an exclusive license agreement with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for 10 patents in controlled release nanomaterials covering many industries.

"This expertise provides us with the opportunity to become not only the product pioneer in this space, but to also be the toll booth for other nanocomposite developers targeting the extended release market," Fleischer concluded. "While fabrics and furniture are the first step in our development of controlled release applications, we see a number of other opportunities on the horizon, including applications in the cosmetics and agri-chemical industries. By working to enhance the properties of commonly used products such as sun-block or anti-aging cosmetics we believe we are positioned to continue to lead innovation in nanomaterials."

About NaturalNano, Inc.

NaturalNano, Inc. (OTCBB: NNAN) (FWB: N3N) is a materials science company focused on developing and commercializing advanced nanocomposites. Based in Rochester, NY, the Company is focused on additive technologies and processes, including its proprietary Pleximer(TM) polymer additive, that add value to industrial polymers, plastics and composites, as well as consumer and industrial products. NaturalNano holds and licenses over 25 patents and applications, as well as proprietary know-how for extraction and separation processes, compositions, and derivatives of Halloysite and other nanotubes.

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