Natural Gas Engines target oilfield power generation.

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Waukesha 275GL Series engines include 16-cylinder 16V275GL+ model rated 3,480 kWe at 50 Hz and 3,110 kWe at 60 Hz, and which operates at up to 4,000 ft without derating. Operating at up to 3,000 ft without derating, 12-cylinder 12V275GL+ is rated 2,600 kWe at 50 Hz and 2,330 kWe at 60Hz. Both offer 0.5 g/bhp-hr NOx, 1.8 g/bhp-hr CO, and 0.7 g/bhp-hr NMHC emissions levels without aftertreatment. Included NOx sensor measures NOx in exhaust, while display panel provides readout of emissions.

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Dresser Waukesha Introduces New Engines to Meet Challenges of Rugged Oilfield Power Generation Applications

275GL Series Delivers High Performance on Widest Range of Fuels

WAUKESHA, Wis. - Dresser Waukesha, a leading manufacturer of natural gas engines that deliver clean, cost-effective power, has added 12- and 16-cylinder power generation units to its 275GL Series of high performance engines.

Designed specifically to deliver maximum performance and to withstand the rigors of oil and gas production sites, Waukesha 275GL Series engines produce more power and operate more reliably in even the most challenging oilfield power generation applications.

When packaged as an Enginator® generator set, the 16-cylinder 16V275GL+ model is rated 3480 kWe at 50 Hz (1000 rpm) and 3110 kWe at 60 Hz (900 rpm). The 12-cylinder 12V275GL+ is rated 2600 kWe at 50 Hz and 2330 kWe at 60Hz. Both models are also available as bare engines, designed for easy packaging with generators. They have 1000 rpm ratings of 4835 bhp and 3625 bhp, respectively.

Waukesha engines are known for their fuel flexibility and the 275GL Series is no exception. 275GL Series engines can produce more power on variable, low-quality gas pulled directly out of the ground, maximizing electrical power produced while minimizing fuel treatment costs. Both the 12V275GL+ and 16V275GL+ models have been designed to operate at full power on fuels with heating values down to 600 BTU/ft3 (23.6 MJ/m3) and at almost 70% load with fuels up to 2350 BTU/ft3 (92.4 MJ/m3). In addition, 275GL Series engines will operate at higher altitudes without derate - the 12V275GL+ up to 4,000 ft (1219 m) and the 16V275GL+ up to 3,000 ft (914 m).

Because 275GL Series have slower operating speeds - 1000 rpm at 50 Hz and 900 rpm at 60 Hz - they have longer maintenance intervals, allowing for more uptime and lower maintenance costs. Both the 12V275GL+ and 16V275GL+ engines are capable of 0.5 g/bhp-hr NOx, 1.8 g/bhp-hr CO and 0.7 g/bhp-hr NMHC emissions levels without aftertreatment, which corresponds to ½ TA Luft NOx levels and meets the requirements for most non-attainment areas in the United States.

All 275GL Series engines are equipped with an enhanced version of Dresser Waukesha's ESM® engine control system to optimize engine performance and maximize uptime. Both the 12- and 16-cylinder 275GL+ units are equipped with a NOx sensor that directly measures NOx in the exhaust stream enabling real-time, closed-loop control of the air/fuel ratio to assure optimum performance. A display panel mounted on the engine provides a read-out of NOx emissions and other key engine operating parameters.

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About Dresser Waukesha

Dresser Waukesha is a leading manufacturer of natural gas engines that deliver clean, cost-effective power. Waukesha® engines are operating around the world in power generation, gas compression and other mechanical drive applications. Dresser Waukesha, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA also packages engine-generator sets and DC switchgear controls for the distributed generation market.

About Dresser Inc.

Dresser Inc. is a global leader in providing highly-engineered infrastructure products for the global energy industry. Leading brand names within the Dresser portfolio include Dresser Wayne® retail fueling systems, Waukesha® natural gas-fired engines, Masoneilan® control valves, Consolidated® pressure relief valves, and ROOTS® blowers and compressors. The company has manufacturing and customer service facilities strategically located worldwide and a sales presence in more than 150 countries.

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