Natron SE Silicone Ink is CPSIA certified.

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Available in 21 standard colors, Natron SE Silicone Ink is used for pad printing or screen printing onto any silicone rubber product at 2 minutes at 225°F. Eliminating guesswork in pad or screen printing production process, unit is suitable for silicone drink-ware, wristbands, silicone bracelets and silicone swim-caps applications. Offering quicker curing time and temperature, product is Canadian Toys Regulation certified.

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Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. New Silicone Ink for Pad and Screen Printing onto Silicone Rubber

Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. announces the arrival of the Natron SE Silicone ink. The ink is formulated by Boston Industrial Solutions team in the United States. The ink can be used for pad printing or screen printing onto any silicone rubber substrate or product.

Typical applications of the ink include silicone drink-ware, wristbands, silicone bracelets, silicone swim-caps, and more. The ink comes in 21 standard colors. This includes metallic colors (gold & silver). Custom colors are also available within 24 Hours upon request.

The SE silicone ink is formulated for ease of use. It features exact curing time and temperature unlike current inks in the industry. The SE ink cures and adheres onto any silicone rubber product at 2 minutes at 225°F. This silicone ink eliminates the guesswork in any pad or screen printing production process.

Some of the key features of the ink are; excellent opacity, very high gloss, and flexibility. The ink is also very safe and compliant. It has CPSIA certification and the Canadian Toys Regulation certification.

These unique features allows printing and decorating experts to increase production speed and efficiency - to print more silicone based products.

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Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. manufactures and provides advanced printing inks, equipment, supplies, and solutions to industrial, medical, toys, and promotional companies worldwide. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is the leading supplier of silicone inks world wide. For more company news and new products, visit


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