National Semiconductor's Innovative Analog Technologies Drive Energy-Efficient Video Experience in Handheld Multimedia Devices

Seven New Display, Audio and Power Management Products Deliver Long-Lasting Video Experience, Superior Sound Quality

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 25 - Seven new display, audio and power management products from National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) enable energy-efficient video in handheld devices such as mobile phones, portable media players and new converged devices that feature phone and media playback functions. The new products perform the "magic" of converting digital data into captivating real-world sights and sounds in the critical subsystems that enable video playback.

In-Stat anticipates growing demand for handheld multimedia devices. By 2011, the market research firm expects the video-enabled handheld device market to grow to 1 billion units from around 300 million in 2006.

Enhancing the Display

The display is the centerpiece of the video experience. National's low-power Mobile Pixel Link (MPL) family of products stream large quantities of data (seen by the user as images, video and graphics) to the display while maximizing battery life. MPL serializes the data to reduce the wire count, which decreases the size of the connector and flexible printed circuit board (flex). MPL reduces electro-magnetic interference (EMI), and its power consumption is roughly half that of competing products. In addition, MPL handles the voltage-level translation between the host and the display, eliminating the need for an external level shifter.

The newest member of National's MPL family, the LM2512 is a high-speed serial host device that supports a video mode interface bridge between the processor and the display. Offered in a 49-bump UFBGA package, the LM2512 is highly programmable, with a unique built-in look-up table that allows for color correction, enabling the designer to optimize the viewing experience in displays offered from multiple manufacturers. The LM2512 also includes a dithering function, which allows 24-bit video to be displayed with high quality on 18-bit displays, preserving the lower power consumption associated with 6-bit RGB data converters.

National's new FPD95120, a high-performance Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS) display driver, is the narrowest glass-mounted device available for half-VGA format. Just 0.9 millimeters wide, the FPD95120 lets manufacturers maximize the active area of the display glass. The highly integrated driver provides an MPL deserializer, a high-efficiency inductive DC-DC switcher and random access memory (RAM) to enable standby, low-power display capabilities. It also features EEPROM that allows the same device to be used across multiple display manufacturers by storing module calibration data to match color and flicker parameters and the capability to program unique product identification.

Available now, the FPD95120 is offered as Chip-on-Glass (COG) and is $3.40 each in 1,000-unit quantities. The LM2512 is offered in a 40-bump LLP and 49-bump FBGA and is $2.40 each. For more information or to order samples, visit and For more information on MPL, visit

Improving Display Backlighting and Color

To optimize the display, backlighting is critical. National's new RGB LED drivers provide better colors on the display and lower power consumption compared to white LEDs. Available in a 25-bump micro SMD package, the LP5520 offers a small and simple solution without the need for optical feedback, producing a true white light over a wide temperature range while improving the color gamut from 70 percent up to 100 percent of the National Television System Committee (NTSC) standard. In adaptive mode, the circuitry in the driver automatically adjusts the output voltage for the lowest possible power consumption. The LP5521, LP5522 and LP55281 color management products feature an assortment of low-power color LED drivers for a variety of handheld lighting applications.

Available now, the LP5520, LP5521, LP5522 and LP55281 range in price from 90 cents to $1.85 each in 1,000-unit quantities. For more information or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit,, and For more information on National's LED driver products, visit

Generating High-Quality Audio

Superior audio makes a great display even better. National's new LM49100 audio subsystem allows routing of mono voice or stereo music signals to a mono speaker driver or stereo ground-referenced headphone amplifiers (or both) through simple selection of pre-set modes. In addition, it provides layout flexibility through its headphone ground-sensing function. The noise rejection improvement provided by this feature allows designers room to move in space-constrained systems. To maximize battery life, the LM49100 consumes the industry's lowest quiescent current of devices in its class - less than 5 mA, with all channels active.

Available now and offered in a 25-ball micro array package, the LM49100 is $3.35 each in 1,000-unit quantities. For more information or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

Powering Digital Processors

Before video can be displayed, it must be decoded and processed by the application processor. Video processing consumes substantial energy, a major factor limiting battery life on mobile terminals. National's innovative PowerWise® technology enables intelligent energy management of the processor using adaptive voltage scaling (AVS). Using National's PowerWise intellectual property integrated onto the processor along with compatible power management ICs such as the LP5552 reduces energy consumption up to 70 percent, extending the life of the battery.

National's LP5552 is an advanced power management IC that supports AVS to enable the processor to adaptively adjust its supply voltage to the minimum level needed, greatly reducing its energy consumption. Offered in a 36-bump micro SMD package, the LP5552 includes two 800 mA buck regulators and five low-dropout regulators (LDOs).

For powering baseband functions, National offers the highly integrated LP3919 power management IC. Offered in a 49-bump micro SMD package, the LP3919 is the smallest integrated power management IC on the market that features high-efficiency switching regulators, LDOs and a battery charger. The LP3919 powers the baseband processor as well as other support circuitry in the system.

Available now, the LP5552 is $4.50 and the LP3919 is $2.35 each in 1,000-unit quantities. For more information or to order samples, visit and For more information on PowerWise technology, visit

Supporting Increased Storage

The digital core processes data received from non-volatile storage, such as a secure digital card, FLASH or a micro hard drive. Each of these sources presents a unique energy consumption challenge in handheld devices.

To power a micro-hard drive, National's new LM3668 buck-boost regulator provides a 3.3V output voltage to power the driver motor. The LM3668 offers greater than 90 percent efficiency in buck and boost modes, which is essential for driving high-power applications. The Li-Ion battery in handheld devices discharges from levels above 3.3V to below 3.3V; however, the LM3668 creates seamless transition between buck and boost operation to provide a stable output for error-free operation. In addition, the stable output coupled with the high efficiency allows this device to be used as a pre-regulator for high-voltage applications in handheld devices. The 12-pin LLP® package combined with tiny external components provides a very small solution size.

Another storage technique is high-capacity (secure digital) SD memory, which requires logic level shifting power, electro-static discharge (ESD) protection and EMI filtering. National's secure digital (miniSD/SD) card interface IC, the LP3929, is the industry's first to provide a robust interface to the outside world by combining level-shifter, power supply, EMI filtering and 15 kV of ESD protection into one device. The small 2 mm x 2 mm, 24-bump micro SMD package and feature set free handset designers from mechanical constraints as they move toward smaller, more innovative designs.

Available now, the LM3668 and LP3929 are $2.00 each in 1,000-unit quantities. For more information or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit and

Powering the Wireless Link

The demand to share video wirelessly is increasing, but sending data wirelessly consumes significant battery power. National's new LM3207 DC-DC power supply, optimized for 3G RF power amplifiers, dynamically reduces energy consumption of the power amplifier by tightly regulating the RF power amplifier supply voltage to the lowest possible level while maintaining linearity in the power amplifier.

Available now in a 9-bump micro SMD package, the LM3207 is $2.50 each in 1,000-unit quantities. For more information or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

Engineering Better Systems

Whether for listening to high-fidelity audio, watching high-resolution video or capturing and sharing multimedia files, National provides all the differentiating analog technology handheld devices need to minimize energy consumption and enhance users' experiences with longer battery life, better sound, sharper display images, smaller form factors, whiter lighting and streamlined interfaces. Working closely with customers and partners, National is continuing to define new architectures and standards, such as the PowerWise® and Mobile Pixel Link technologies, that create unique features for portable devices. For more information, visit

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