National Bronze Mfg. Co. Offers Components for the Pump Industry

Roseville, MI — National Bronze Mfg. Co., a leading manufacturer of bronze bushings, bearings, and machined components, is please to introduce a number of bronze components for the pump industry. Pumps are vital to many industrial processes and are designed to operate for many years.  Many of the bronze components in pump assemblies are utilized to reduce maintenance and pump downtime. 

The most common causes of pump failure are due to damage to the shaft and shaft bearings.  While many factors can contribute to this damage, a majority of it is due to contamination entering the housing and lubrication loss.  Many pump manufactures have designed bronze based components to avoid these common causes of failure.   Bronze components play important roles in the successful operation of pumps.  Mainly chosen due to their wear resistance and anti-corrosive properties, bronze based parts have been used to maximize pump life for a number of years.

One of the benefits of using bronze based components is the number of different bronze alloys that are available. Bronze alloys have a huge variety of uses that reflect their versatile physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. By adding or subtracting various elements from the alloy mixture, specific properties can be achieved in order to adapt to the needs of the particular application.

Specific Bronze Alloys are formulated to achieve the following advantages for pump applications:

• Low wear rate

• Ability to run dry

• Can be lubricated with water or process fluids as well as grease or oil

• Close clearances to give stable shaft and lower seal wear

• Good wear life in dirty conditions

• Resistant to chemicals

• Lead free alloys for drinking water applications

• Low shaft wear

• High compression strength

National Bronze Mfg. Co. describes the various components that they supply the pump industry in the white paper "National Pump Components".  This information packed paper can be found here: 

For more information about National Bronze Manufacturing visit their website at

About National Bronze Mfg. Co.

National Bronze Mfg. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bronze based products. Since 1911 National Bronze Mfg. has been one the largest manufacturers of bronze bushings, bearings, and other industrial components. National Bronze Mfg. is also a full metal service center supplying bronze, brass, and copper bar stock to manufacturers worldwide. With an expertise in copper alloy based product National Bronze Mfg. services customers in a wide variety of industries.

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