NAS Systems scale up to 20 PB in single volume.

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Supporting 4 TB drives, EMC® Isilon X-Series and NL-Series help users build and manage large, rapidly-growing information repositories.  Power of scale-out cluster rebuilds active and archive data in case of drive failure. N+4 data protection through FlexProtect™ file striping helps customers minimize risk of data loss and optimize availability, even as cluster grows.

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EMC Isilon Further Extends the Benefits of Scale-out NAS Solutions for Large, Rapidly Growing Data Archives

Now Scales Up to 20 Petabytes in a Single Storage Volume with Support for 4 Terabyte Drives

HOPKINTON, Mass., --

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--  EMC Isilon further extends the benefits of its scale-out NAS solutions in archival storage with new support for 4 terabyte drive technology available immediately worldwide.

 --  New support enables a single EMC Isilon volume to scale up to 20 petabytes, delivering 33% more capacity per rack, as well as an efficiency increase of 30% less power per rack.

--  Support for 4 terabyte drives also enables EMC Isilon to increase resilience at scale with faster rebuild times for failed drives and superior data protection, further simplifying management of archive data.

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EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced support for 4 terabyte drives for EMC(®) Isilon's industry-leading scale-out NAS solutions. With this enhancement to its X-Series and NL-Series products, EMC Isilon(®) further extends the inherent benefits of its scale-out NAS archiving solutions -- ease-of-use, highly scalable capacity and performance, auto-management and self-healing -- by delivering capacity of up to 20 petabytes in a single volume, providing 33% more capacity and utilizing 30% less power per rack.

Enterprises across a wide spectrum of vertical markets are seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways of building and managing large, rapidly-growing information repositories. Rapid growth of file-based data has increased the need for highly-scalable and efficient archive storage solutions that meet business, legal and regulatory compliance requirements in markets such as government, healthcare and media & entertainment. With these drivers top of mind across industries, the need for efficient and cost-effective disc-based archive solutions has never been more important.

With EMC Isilon, archival information benefits from the robustness of the OneFS operating environment's proven capabilities for protecting and optimizing the flow of information within an organization. Enterprises capture these benefits without sacrificing application performance or the specialized data protection required for long-term archive data retention via archive applications from EMC or other vendors.

EMC Isilon also offers increased resilience at scale with faster drive rebuild times, superior data protection and industry-leading efficiency. The power of the Isilon scale-out cluster rebuilds active and archive data in case of a drive failure much faster than traditional systems -- less than one day, compared to multiple days or even weeks with most traditional systems. Isilon's N+4 data protection through FlexProtect((TM)) file striping helps customers reduce the risk of data loss and improve overall availability even as the cluster grows. As data archives get larger, the significance of these factors increases proportionally while EMC Isilon effortlessly scales from terabytes to petabytes.

New support for 4 terabyte drives enables more capacity in the same footprint while providing the standard Isilon utilization rates of more than 80%. For example, per rack capacity is now 1440TB with NL400 nodes, a 360TB increase in the same footprint.  With 4 terabyte configurations, customers need fewer nodes to meet the same total capacity goals. Now, only seven NL400 nodes with 4 terabyte drives are needed as opposed to ten NL400 nodes with 3 terabyte drives to achieve the same raw one petabyte of capacity.

EMC Isilon X Series and NL Series products with 4 terabyte drives are currently available worldwide.

Industry Analyst Quote:

Laura DuBois, Program Vice President, IDC Storage Systems, Software and Solutions

"Based on recent research data and surveys of our clients, it's very clear that end users are motivated to identify and implement storage infrastructures that can cost-effectively support rapidly-growing archive tiers of file-based data. EMC Isilon's recent selection as a leader in IDC's MarketScape: Worldwide Scale-Out File-Based Storage 2012 Vendor Analysis supports its consideration as an appropriate solution for large-scale archiving needs."

Customer Quote:

R. Todd Thomas, Chief Information Officer, Austin Radiological Association

"At ARA, we've relied on Isilon as the repository for our digital mammography program for many years. So when the time came to choose a product to serve as an archive for all of our related medical and other imagery, the choice was easy.  EMC Isilon's incredible ease-of-use and massive scalability -- even more impressive now with the addition of 4 terabyte drives -- has proven to be the ideal solution for our most pressing file-based storage challenges."

Technology Partner Quotes:

Trevor Daughney, Director, Product Marketing, Symantec Corporation

"Our customers who use EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage with Symantec Enterprise Vault software experience an advanced level of scalability, reliability, availability, and automation in storing archival data. Additionally, our joint customers lower their costs by moving data to the more economical archive storage layer, freeing up space for immediate critical access to data within their primary storage. The Symantec-EMC Isilon integration maximizes the value of our customers' strategic data assets and propels business forward."

Dirk De keersmaecker, Product Manager PACS Infrastructure, McKesson Enterprise Medical Imaging

"Isilon provides our customers the scalable capacity that allows us to manage their short-term and long-term archive data with ease. EMC Isilon's architecture is well suited to support the McKesson Horizon Medical Imaging and Enterprise Image Repository applications, providing high data availability and system reliability associated with the Isilon FlexProtect data protection scheme. The scalability, availability, performance and reliability inherent in the EMC Isilon storage platform are key components in McKesson's ability to provide a complete PACS solution to satisfy the stringent requirements of any healthcare delivery team."

Rudi Ernst, CEO & CTO, PIXIA

"With a focus on high-performance scalable data access solutions for Defense and Military branches around the world, PIXIA helps customers realize the full potential of accessing massive archives of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) datasets on EMC Isilon's scale- out storage.  EMC Isilon's ease of use and scalable capacity up to 20PB of content in a single volume allows PIXIA to meet the demands of the rapid data growth our customers are seeing. By combining PIXIA's HiPER STARE® and HiPER WATCH® products with EMC Isilon we are able to provide our customers proven, end-to-end solutions ideally suited to meeting the challenges of securely storing, analyzing, and managing massive amounts of imagery and video data."

Pieter Hornix, CTO, FilmPartners

"As a leader in collaborative video editing solutions, MXFserver from FilmPartners relies on the scalable capacity that Isilon provides with up to 20 PB of content in a single volume. The MXFserver integration with Isilon provides a highly responsive environment that scales to meet the most demanding post-production workflows with minimal administration and zero down-time.  With Isilon's built-in auto-tiering, we can offer our customers a flexible, responsive, and scalable tiered storage environment that enables the next-gen workflows so important to modern broadcast facilities."

Channel Reseller Quote:

Juan Guevara, Storage Practice Director, Trace3

"EMC Isilon scalable performance and capacity allows Trace3 customers to manage both their active and archive data in a single volume with ease, all the way up to 20 petabytes. The core benefits of the Isilon architecture -- simplicity, scalability, efficiency, performance and resiliency -- and the fact that it's tailored to large-scale data mean that we can offer our customers the type of availability and system reliability needed to manage the fast-growing, unstructured data that powers enterprises today."

EMC Executive Quotes:

Sam Grocott, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, EMC Isilon

"The value of Scale-Out NAS is growing increasingly higher as large-scale data is rapidly created --presenting a business opportunity and an archiving headache for today's enterprises. As data grows at an unprecedented rate, the ability to archive an organization's most important data is incredibly important. While archives used to be static and slow-growing, today they must be dynamic and quick to scale, making the benefits of scale-out storage even more pronounced. Supporting 4 terabyte drives in EMC Isilon systems enables enterprises to archive quickly and easily while still achieving much-needed data resiliency and efficiency."

Shane Jackson, Vice President of Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division

"Isilon scale-out NAS storage is an ideal complement to the EMC SourceOne archiving solution.  The breadth of applications and workloads supported by SourceOne requires flexibility in archive storage options and EMC Isilon delivers the performance, reliability, and scalability for customers looking to use scale-out NAS for their archive storage.  In addition, the power and simplicity of an end-to-end EMC archiving solution delivers rapid time-to-value and an unbeatable ROI for our joint customers."

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