NAS Device stores up to 3 TB of data for SMBs and SOHOs.

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Preinstalled with RAIDiator 3.0, ReadyNAS NV+ features LCD that displays instant status notifications. Employing 4 hot-swap trays to replace or install hard drive, product offers gigabit ethernet and supports multiple HD content streams. With UPnP support for digital media adapters, device has embedded SlimServer(TM) software for use with Squeezebox(TM) and Transporter(TM).

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Infrant Introduces Superior NAS for SMB and Home Use

ReadyNAS NV+ Touts Up to 3 Terabytes of Storage in an Ultra-Compact Form Factor

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 12 -- Infrant Technologies, a leader in network-based storage for home and small business use, today announced the availability of its latest and greatest Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, the ReadyNAS NV+. The ReadyNAS NV+ builds on the award-winning pedigree of the ReadyNAS line and is designed to meet the varied and demanding needs of consumers and home office/small office users for a reliable, failsafe way to store their data. Additionally, the ReadyNAS NV+ comes preinstalled with RAIDiator 3.0, which includes the most updates of any firmware upgrade for the ReadyNAS line.

The ReadyNAS NV+ includes several major improvements over previous ReadyNAS designs, most notably a quieter design, which makes the NV+ perfect for use anywhere in the home, specifically in a home theater environment. Also, the NV+ has a new LCD that displays Instant Status Notifications in clear and concise language, making the NV+ the easiest to use ReadyNAS device to date.

The ReadyNAS NV+ is the perfect NAS for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and small office/home office (SOHO) environments, as it is easily scalable to 3 TB, based on today's hard drive sizes, utilizing Infrant's patent-pending X-RAID technology. The NV+ also employs four hot-swap trays, making it a snap to replace or install a hard drive, even when the unit is powered on. As with all ReadyNAS devices, the NV+ is compatible with Microsoft Windows(TM), Linux(TM), UNIX(TM) and Mac OS X(TM) operating systems, offering users the ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

Furthermore, if home users are looking for the ideal NAS, they need look no further than the ReadyNAS NV+, as it has Gigabit Ethernet and class-leading performance, making it one of the few, if only, home NAS devices that can support multiple high-definition (HD) content streams. It also has UPnP support for a wide variety of digital media adapters and embedded SlimServer(TM) software for use with Squeezebox(TM) and Transporter(TM) from Slim Devices(TM).

The recently released RAIDiator 3.0 firmware for the ReadyNAS appliances includes enhanced power-saving features such as disk spin-down and scheduled power on and off. The firmware also includes major improvements for Macintosh users with Apple's Bonjour and improved AFP performance now standard. For a complete list of all the enhancements in this firmware release, please visit the Infrant Web site.

"Infrant has always been dedicated to bringing enterprise-level technology to the masses, and we continue to listen to our enthusiastic users for improvements and partner with leading technology companies to keep our NAS units well ahead of our competitors," said Paul Tien, president and CEO of Infrant Technologies.

Additionally, the ReadyNAS NV+ comes bundled with EMC Corporation's powerful yet easy-to-use Retrospect® Professional (five-client license and a $175 USD value), providing fast backups and smart restores for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The robust pairing of these two award-winning technologies, the ReadyNAS and Retrospect, offers greater backup and recovery protection for consumers, SMBs and SOHOs who care about protecting their valuable data.

Pricing and availability

The ReadyNAS NV+ family includes various SKUs to meet the wide range of storage needs from consumers and SMBs. Pricing ranges from US$650 (MSRP) for the core "diskless" unit to US$2,999 for the 3TB version. ReadyNAS NV+ units are currently available; please go to for additional information.

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Infrant Technologies is dedicated to bringing enterprise-level storage technology to the masses at affordable prices. The company offers a host of Network Attached Storage (NAS) products and technologies for small businesses and consumers. Infrant offers the award-winning family of ReadyNAS(TM) appliances, ideal for small business and home use. For more information about Infrant Technologies, visit or send an email to

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