Nanostepping Motors accelerate 3D microscopy.

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PIFOC® piezo Z-drives, designed for integration into high-resolution microscopes, are available as components or complete high-speed microscopy objective scanner systems comprised of piezo objective scanner, controller, 2 distance cases, driver, mechanics, and all adapters. Able to achieve typical focusing speeds of 10 msec and resolutions of 1 nm, products are offered with 100 or 400 µm travel range. Compact, stiff objective scanner design will not disturb sample.

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Nanostepping Z-Motors for Fast 3D Microscopy are Easily Integrated

Auburn, MA, - Dec. 2006 - PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for life science, photonics and semiconductor applications, offers a series of high-speed microscopy objective scanner systems for 3-D microscopy applications.

Systems Contain Driver, Mechanics & all Adapters
These PIFOC® piezo Z-drives systems are designed for easy integration into high-resolution microscopes. They are available as components or as complete systems including the piezo objective scanner, a controller and two distance cases.

Z-stack Image Acquisition: How it Works
The PIFOC® units are ideal for high speed Z-stack image acquisition, the basis for the generation of 3-D views of samples in high-resolution, optical microscopes. Conventional Z-drives use a motorized actuator and motor controller to create numerous focus planes during focusing. The individual "slices" are then processed with special software to form one 3-D image. PIFOC® systems are compatible with all major image acquisition packages.

Faster with Piezo
Piezo-actuated Z-drives, achieve significantly higher focusing speed (typically 10 msec vs. 100 msec) and resolution (typically 1 nm vs. 100 nm) than stepper motor-drives and thus provide higher-quality images in less time.

Scanning the Objective
The compact, light and stiff objective scanner design provides very fast response and does not disturb the sample which can be a problem with specimen scanners.

Application Examples
3D imaging, autofocusing, scanning and alignment tasks in microscopy, biotechnology, optics, semiconductor technology and photonic packaging.

Features & Advantages
o Available as Individual Components or Complete Systems
o Systems Include: Mechanics, Controller, Adapters, Distance Cases
o Choice of Travel Ranges: 100 µm or 400 µm
o Choice of Controllers: Display Controller or Compact Controller
o Custom Tuning for Higher Speed (to 7 msec per Step)
o Compatible w/ all Major Image Acquisition Packages
o Capacitive Feedback as used in NIST Reference Class Nanometrology Systems
o UL and CSA Certified Controller

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