Nanopositioning Stages suit space-restricted applications.

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Featuring direct metrology capacitive sensors, monolithic Nanopositioning Stages deliver resolutions of less than 0.1 nanometer and up to 3 kHz resonant frequency in package smaller than matchbox. Zero-friction flexure guiding system provides nanometer level straightness. For interchangeability of nanomechanisms and controller, stages are equipped with ID chips, which hold all calibration data and send it to digital controller when powered up.

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Nanopositioning Stages Grow Smaller

Nanopositioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) offers a number of nanopositioning stages for demanding applications where space is at a premium.

Smaller is Better
These monolithic high-speed positioning systems provide resolutions to better than 1/10 of a nanometer (diameter of an atom) in a package much smaller than a matchbox. Despite the diminutive dimensions, high-precision direct metrology capacitive sensors are integrated.

Highly Responsive
Careful attention to mass minimization results in high resonant frequencies up to 3 kHz and a significant reduction in inertial recoil forces. These design features enhance overall system response and stability and allow step and settling times in the millisecond range and below.

For optimized operation and interchangeability of the nanomechanisms and controller, the stages are equipped with an ID chip which holds all calibration data and sends it to the digital controller when powered up.

Frictionless Precision Guiding System
The nanopositioning stages integrate a sophisticated zero-friction flexure guiding system providing nanometer level straightness. They are driven by ceramic-encapsulated piezo drives for higher reliability and increased life time.

High Speed, Digital Control
A variety of ultra-low-noise 32-bit digital controllers provide fast communications and come with a wide selection of software tools.

Features & Advantages
o <0.1 Nanometer Resolution
o Very Fast Response: Up to 3 kHz Resonant Frequency
o Integrated Capacitive, Direct Motion Metrology Provides Higher Linearity
o Monolithic, Flexure-Guided Design for Zero-Friction Motion with Excellent Straightness and Flatness
o PICMA® Ceramic-Encapsulated Longlife Piezo Drives
o Available Digital Control with ID-Chip Recognition for Easy Interchangeability of Nanopositioning Stage and Controller

Application Examples:
o Nanometrology
o Interferometry
o Data Storage
o Semiconductor Test Systems

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