Nanomotion's NanoLens(TM) and NanoZoom(TM) Technology Could Bring Camera Phone Miniaturisation to Industrial Applications

Economies of scale from volume manufacturing of miniature ceramic motors could provide competitive precision motion solutions for other industries and markets

Broadbridge Heath UK - May 2007: Nanomotion, the designer and manufacturer of innovative piezo-ceramic servomotors and controls successfully launched its NanoLens and NanoZoom motor modules during 2006 to provide the enabling technology for high quality autofocus and optical zoom in today's mobile phone and PDA cameras. As a leading precision motion control equipment supplier and the UK distributor for Nanomotion, Surrey based Heason Technologies are looking for other miniature sub-micron positioning applications where these products may be applied.

The miniature modules are based upon Nanomotion's standing wave inverse piezoelectric effect technology that delivers sub-micron resolution and accuracy for demanding linear and rotary positioning applications in both manufacturing and research for a wide range of market areas including semiconductors and electronics, lasers and photonics, MEMS and nanotechnology, biotech' and biomedical.

The NanoLens module provides autofocus accuracy down to 5 μm with cycle times of under 100 milliseconds in a package size of less than 10 mm x 10 mm x 8 mm. The product is manufactured in partnership with Nanomotion's sister company Nihon Mini Motor, both are part of the Johnson Electric Group, the world leader in motors for automotive and commercial markets.

The NanoZoom is a packaged optical zoom module that typically provides a 3x zoom ratio with a focal length of 5 mm to 15 mm. Zoom speed is an incredible 100 mm/sec which translates to a telephoto-to-wide move in less than 0.1 seconds. Measuring just 13 mm x 14 mm x 23 mm, the module provides crystal sharp images by combining simultaneous two-axis (zoom and focus) moves, powered by a proprietary ASIC driver.

Heason Technologies has a complete applications support service for the Nanomotion motor range and also represents an impressive list of global motion and positioning system manufacturers as well manufacturing and developing its own range of precision rotary actuators and custom motion platforms.

The Company is sure that these exciting miniature positioning products can be applied to many other applications gaining a cost benefit from the massive mobile phone market where volume manufacture has helped to reduce unit costs to attractively low levels.

The technology could be applied to micro-miniature pumps and sensors, opto and medical imaging equipment, surgical tools, nanotechnology and MEMS devices and many more this space

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