Nanobiomatters Expands U.S. Presence by Forming Distribution Network for BactiBlock® Antimicrobial Additive

Multi-Channel Approach Provides a Major Foothold in Growing U.S. Market

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. - Nanobiomatters North America LLC, a subsidiary of Nanobiomatters Industries S.L., Valencia, Spain, a leading supplier of engineered clay-based additives, has gained a major foothold in the U.S. market by naming three leading distributors to market and sell its industry-leading BactiBlock® silver-based antimicrobials. As a key focus of its growth strategy, Nanobiomatters has partnered with distributors D.B. Becker Co. Inc., Clinton, N.J.; Matteson-Ridolfi, Inc., based in Riverview, Mich.; and Trans Western Chemicals, based in Pico Rivera, Calif.

The multi-channel approach is expected to expand Nanobiomatters' presence in the U.S. and accelerate sales in the coatings and textiles markets, said Miguel Ortiz, Nanobiomatters' business development director for North America and Asia/Pacific. "We're excited about partnering with three of the nation's leading additive distributors and taking a major step forward into the U.S. market," said Ortiz. "The new distribution network will expand our customer base and boost growth for BactiBlock antimicrobials."

The three firms will handle distribution in their respective geographic locations: D.B. Becker Co. Inc. on the East coast; Matteson-Ridolfi, Inc. in the Midwest, and Trans Western Chemicals on the West coast. Ortiz noted that all of the distributors boast a comprehensive sales and technical staff that will play an important role in Nanobiomatters' expansion.

Ortiz projects strong growth for silver-based antimicrobial solutions like BactiBlock in a range of applications such as powder coatings and water-based paints. The additives can also be used by plastic processors as an additive masterbatch in a variety of molding and extrusion processes.

The BactiBlock additive range has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in the U.S. It is a highly durable and cost-effective antimicrobial solution based on silver-functionalized clay and is designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, and other microorganisms on protected surfaces of polymer-based products.

BactiBlock antimicrobial additives are already produced on a commercial scale, having been used in Europe since 2010. Several major U.S. brand owners in key markets have finalized testing and commercial use in the U.S. is expected soon, according to Ortiz.

The proprietary and patent-pending BactiBlock technology features purified and modified phyllosilicate clays which are used as a performance-enhancing carrier of the silver antimicrobial agent. During the production process, silver is linked to the clay surface and a uniform dispersion of the clay is achieved. In addition, the silver deposited on the clay prevents platelet agglomeration which, combined with unique surface modification, ensures uniform total additive dispersion.

The silver linked to the clay platelets is released to the surface of the protected material at a controlled rate. This ensures a more uniform and long-term antimicrobial effect, compared to additives with the active agent readily available in the polymer. As a result, BactiBlock is ideally suited for long-term applications where performance is expected to last for several years.

The BactiBlock range of products is compatible for use with a range of polymers and plastics including polyolefins, engineering resins, powder coatings, liquid coatings, and thermosets. The additive can be delivered as a micronized powder, gel concentrate or a masterbatch and specific levels of each component can be fine-tuned to achieve the desired performance. Final concentration of the total additive package is highly dependent on product design and target properties with typical concentration ranging from 0.5 to 2%.

About D.B. Becker Co.Inc.

D.B. Becker Co. Inc., based in Clinton, N.J., was founded in 1954 as a manufacturer's representative working in the paint and coatings market. Today, the company is a leading East coast distributor of specialty additives for paints, inks, coatings, adhesives, polyurethanes, lubricants, plastics, and cosmetics. D.B. Becker distinguishes itself by forming partnerships with its customers, providing high quality and competitive pricing. For more information, visit

About Matteson-Ridolfi,Inc.

Matteson-Ridolfi, Inc., based in Riverview, Mich., is a premier distributor for several leading specialty chemical manufacturers. The company offers a full line of polymers, monomers, pigments, fillers, catalysts, surfactants, and specialty additives for the coatings, adhesives/sealants, plastics, ink, metal working fluids, cleaners, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Their territory includes Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. Warehouses are located in Detroit, Cleveland, Louisville, Ky., and Philadelphia. For more information, visit

About Trans Western Chemicals

Three long-time friends, Jim Dye, Virginia Dye, and Henry Kirsch, established Trans Western Chemicals in 1981. The company, based in Pico Rivera, Calif., is one of the largest privately-owned distributors in the western region, supplying raw materials to a variety of industries including paint and coatings, cosmetics, oil, plastics, and inks. Trans Western Chemicals has five locations and represents 23 of the industry's top suppliers in the West. For more information, visit

About Nanobiomatters

Founded in 2005, Nanobiomatters, headquartered in Spain, is a material science company that specializes in engineered clay-based additives. The company has subsidiaries in North America and Japan and will be opening a new subsidiary in Brazil in the near future. In addition to BactiBlock® antimicrobial products, their product line includes other specialty additives such and O2Block® Gas Barrier and Oxygen Scavenger additives. Nanobiomatters has an additive production capacity of 2500t/year. For more information, visit

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