Nalco Introduces Clean N Cor(TM) Technology

(Sugar Land, Texas) Nalco Company (NYSE: NLC) today introduced its new Clean N
Cor technology, a revolutionary cleaning and corrosion inhibitor treatment program
designed to protect and maximize production from oilfields with oil sludge deposition

The deposition of sludge, often referred to as schmoo, on the inside of pipelines can
cause serious injection restraints in produced water injection systems, increased
incidence of localized corrosion and higher operating costs. Clean N Cor technology
incorporates hands-on technical expertise with advanced chemistry and in-field
monitoring to provide a comprehensive treatment solution that removes schmoo
deposits from inner pipe walls and filter equipment and then prevents aggressive
corrosion from taking place.

"Oil and gas producers demand more out of their producing assets than ever," said
Steve Taylor, Vice President of Upstream Operations, Nalco Company. "As these assets
age, producers will increasingly turn to novel, multifunctional technologies like Clean N
Cor to keep their systems clean, corrosion-free and operating at maximum production

Clean N Cor is built around a patented multifunctional chemistry, developed through an
intensive research effort and then field proven in a series of aggressive trials. In the lab
or in the field, Clean N Cor outperformed the competition by removing 99 percent of
oilfield schmoo from dirty production equipment in a fraction of the time it took
conventional inhibitors to remove just 30 percent.

In one customer's water injection system, this level of schmoo removal translated to 75
percent more water being injected, resulting in increased oil production and an 800
percent return on investment. Once the schmoo had been removed, Clean N Cor
prevented it from re-adsorbing. The Clean N Cor technology then protected the pipe
surface by providing a strong and persistent film that acted as a barrier to corrosive
fluids. The required dosage to maintain an acceptably low corrosion rate was nearly 20
percent lower than the dosage required for conventional corrosion inhibitors.

"The introduction of Clean N Cor technology is just the latest example of Nalco
Company's innovative solutions that allow our customers to maximize production
revenue while minimizing the risks associated with corrosion failures," said Taylor. "Our
position as an industry leader is built on both our unique research and development process, and on our world-class team of field engineers who bring their skills and
experience to our customers to implement these programs successfully."

About Nalco
Nalco is the leading provider of integrated water treatment and process improvement
services, chemicals and equipment programs for industrial and institutional applications.

The company currently serves more than 70,000 customer locations representing a
broad range of end markets. It has established a global presence with more than 11,000
employees operating in 130 countries supported by a comprehensive network of
manufacturing facilities, sales offices and research centers. In 2006, Nalco achieved
sales of more than $3.6 billion.

Media Contact: Charlie Pajor
630 305 1556

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