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Muxponder maximizes bandwidth on existing infrastructure.

Press Release Summary:

Part of OpVista CX8 Optical Networking System, CX-40G Muxponder delivers 40 Gbps transmission/wavelength across optical networks from metro to long-haul. It is based on Dense Multi-Carrier (DMC) technology and combines 4 x 10 Gbs service streams into single 50 GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) channel. System helps deliver multiple 10-Gbit/sec services and also eliminates issues of PMD and CD optical dispersion.

Original Press Release:

OpVista Introduces CX-40G Muxponder

New Addition to OpVista CX8 Optical Networking System Delivers More Bandwidth Economically over Today's Network Infrastructure

MILPITAS, Calif., Jan. 14 / / - OpVista, a leader in packet optical networking systems, today announced the availability of its new CX-40G Muxponder, a high performance optical network solution for 40-Gbit/sec transmission per wavelength across all types of optical networks, from metro to long-haul. By combining four 10-Gbit/sec service streams into a single 50 GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) channel, the OpVista CX-40G Muxponder based on OpVista Dense Multi-Carrier (DMC) technology enables carriers to meet the demands for bandwidth-intensive services, such as High Definition Video on Demand, without investing in new optical infrastructure. Following extensive field and lab trials throughout 2008 with global carriers, OpVista shipped the first CX-40G systems for revenue in December 2008.

As an integral part of the OpVista CX8 optical networking system, the CX- 40G Muxponder provides carriers with a cost effective approach for delivering multiple 10-Gbit/sec services over incumbent optical network infrastructure. Most carriers agree that in the next five years, 10-Gbit/sec services will be the mainstream deployment in metro and regional optical networks. For carriers needing to deliver new services, deploying the CX-40G Muxponder with four universal client 10-Gbit/sec interfaces is more attractive than using 10- Gbit/sec line cards. In comparison, the CX-40G Muxponder delivers a compelling price discount, occupies half the footprint, uses less power, and provides four times the bandwidth on today's 10-Gbit/sec optical infrastructure.

"4 x 10G Muxponder capabilities are the key to wider deployment of 40G," said Ron Kline, Research Director at Ovum. "The first 40G applications were for backbone router interconnect, but now we are seeing a shift to 4 x 10G Muxponder deployments to increase system capacity and drive down the cost per bit transported. Additionally, 4 x 10G Muxponders are a must have in the metro environment where systems need to support many protocols such as DVI, ESCON/FICON, Fibre Channel, Ethernet and SONET/SDH."

"The trend toward high definition video and bandwidth intensive services, coupled with reductions in capital expense budgets, has the industry hungry for solutions that deliver more bandwidth for less capital expenditure," said Eve Griliches, Telecom Analyst at IDC. "The OpVista approach gives carriers the tools they need to meet the challenges from new service demands in a challenging economy."

"By maintaining compatibility with today's optical infrastructure, the CX- 40G offers carriers a novel and highly space- and spectrum-efficient method to achieve ever-higher levels of bandwidth for delivering additional services," said Karl May, President and CEO of OpVista. "The CX-40G's reliance on mature, reliable, high-volume 10-Gbit/sec optical components enables the Muxponder to deliver scalable capacity of 40-Gbit/sec wavelength networks. Furthermore, the CX-40G Muxponder eliminates issues of optical dispersion (PMD and CD) and leverages the 10-Gbit/sec component ecosystem to help contain equipment costs."

The CX-40G is based on OpVista DMC, a breakthrough technology that combines advanced multiple carrier photonics, lambda stabilization and multi- level modulation to deliver 40- and 100-Gbit/sec bandwidth per ITU wavelength, while maintaining compatibility with the characteristics of today's 10- Gbit/sec optical infrastructure. DMC leverages the 10-Gbit/sec optical component ecosystem and is based on a simple, robust architecture that extends the life of existing 10-Gbit/sec network infrastructure. The result is a universal optical solution that is an easily deployable and cost effective way to scale networks to 40-Gbit/sec, 100-Gbit/sec and beyond.

About OpVista

OpVista provides optical networking products to worldwide telecommunications and cable operators for the industry's highest-capacity metro and regional networks. The OpVista portfolio utilizes patented Dense Multi-Carrier technology to provide industry-leading bandwidth over existing fiber infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive network redesign and allowing service providers to offer new services cost-effectively. OpVista is based in Milpitas, CA.

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