Muting System facilitates entrance/exit guarding.

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Integrated into any entrance or exit conveyor, IMS Safety Muting System distinguishes between material and people entering dangerous area. Differentiation is achieved by arranging muting sensors such that only particular combination of signals triggered by incoming material allows system to enter safety-muted state. Immediate machine stop is triggered if proper sensor sequence or combination does not occur. System suits end-of-line packaging applications.

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New Integrated Muting System Simplifies Entrance/Exit Guarding for Increased Productivity

Ideal solution for end-of-line packaging applications

FREMONT, CA - Scientific Technologies Inc. introduces the IMS Safety Muting System. The IMS system easily integrates into nearly any entrance and exit conveyor system application, and is engineered to distinguish between material and people entering a dangerous area. This differentiation is achieved by arranging the muting sensors such that only a very particular combination of signals triggered by incoming material allows the system to enter a safety-muted state.

In the past, several components were required to create a safety barrier that would differentiate material from people. Additionally, these systems required complex wiring and programming. The IMS provides all of the necessary components in a single package, wired and assembled on a robust platform for easy installation and use.

With the IMS, an immediate machine stop is triggered if the proper sensor sequence or combination does not occur, e.g. if a person has entered the access area. If, however, a product is passing by on a conveyor, the system detects this without interrupting the workflow by muting, or temporarily inhibiting the operation of the safety system so that manufacturing operations continue normally.

For example, in packaging lines where a conveyor carries palletized loads into or out of packaging machines, the pallet must be allowed free flow into and away from the packaging machine area. Personnel are blocked from the entry and exit points of the danger area as the pallet is conveyed to and from the machine. However, during non-hazardous times of operation the entrance and exit are freely accessible to fork lift trucks and other personnel.

With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, STI was founded over 30 years ago and employs more than 340 people. STI has been selected twice by Forbes and three times by Business Week as one of the "world's best small companies." STI's safety products are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots.

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