Muting Module can monitor 2-4 inputs.

Press Release Summary:

IP65-rated EZ-SCREEN(TM) muting module determines when work piece needs to pass though access points into light-screen-guarded work cell without causing machinery to stop. Module is used with EZ-SCREEN® Grid OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device) optical guard, Banner MINI-SCREEN®, MICRO-SCREEN® or MACHINE-GUARD® safety light screens. When personnel are detected trying to walk through light screen, it causes dangerous machinery to stop.

Original Press Release:

New Muting Module Allows Parts To Enter Or Exit Guarded Work Cells Without Stopping Machinery

Minneapolis, MN-March 1, 2002-Banner Engineering Corp. has announced the EZ-SCREEN(TM) Muting Module, a logic module that monitors inputs from sensors to determine when a car body, pallet or other work piece needs to pass through an access point into a light-screen-guarded work cell without causing the machinery to stop. The diverse-redundant microcontroller-based module allows the light screen safety system to safely bypass (mute) safety light curtain outputs. This function is necessary for certain production processes to run smoothly without continuous stopping and starting.

The module is used with Banner's EZ-SCREEN® Grid OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device) optical guard, Banner MINI-SCREEN®, MICRO-SCREEN® OR MACHINE-GUARD® safety light screens (and other manufactureres light screens), to provide a complete package for guarding entry/exit points anywhere work-in-process needs to flow freely into and out of hazardous work cells. The Muting Module uses inputs from photoelectric sensors and from the light screen receiver to help determine if the light screen obstruction is a work piece or a person. When a person is detected trying to walk through the light screen, it does not allow the safety system control to be muted and causes the dangerous machinery to stop. The EZ-SCREEN Muting Module, is very rugged and compact, rated IP65. It can be mounted in or near the guarded area without the need for an enclosure. All connections on the EZ-SCREEN Muting Module are made via standard quick disconnect cables.

The full-featured module can monitor two or four inputs and includes selectable Automatic or Monitored Manual Reset allowing flexibility for point-of-operation or perimeter guarding. It also includes a universal safety stop interface (USSI) for easy connection of supplemental safeguarding devices or E-stops, plus selectable external device monitoring (EDM) for monitoring the state of external devices, such as MPCEs. The list price is $XXX.

The new device is extremely easy to install. Eight Euro-style quick-disconnect I/O ports allow easy connection of mute safety inputs, mute lamp output, override, USSI, and reset. Two Mini-style quick disconnects allow interfacing with the safety system and machine control.

Other advanced features include a back door timer to select a maximum period of time that muting can occur; one- or two-direction muting; monitored or non-monitored mute lamp output to indicate when muting is occurring; selectable mute on power-up to allow for systems that are not operational immediately upon power-up; mute enable function, a non-safety input that can function as a trigger for muting to begin or to inhibit muting from occurring; and much more.

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