Museglobal Launches Museconnect For Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search

Initial Offering Delivers Unified Search Results on One Platform for Financial Services, Legal, Healthcare, and Education & Research ISVs

San Francisco, Calif.-October 14, 2008-MuseGlobal, provider of award-winning content integration platforms worldwide, today announced MuseConnect for Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search, a new enterprise search connector for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search will integrate the MuseGlobal Source Factory, a growing library of more than 5,500 pre-built source connectors, with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search to extend Oracle Secure Enterprise Search users' searches to industry-specific and subscription-based sources of content. The initial offering is designed to address the needs of Oracle's financial services, legal, healthcare, and education & research customers and ISVs.

Enterprises Demand a More Comprehensive Search Solution

In a typical organization, mission-critical data is stored in a wide variety of information silos, including databases, repositories, legacy systems and servers. Workers regularly rely on multiple search tools to find this information, which requires them to jump from application to application, and results in lost productivity and an inefficient workflow. In a recent survey conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) nearly half (49 percent) of employees agree that it is hard to find the information they need to do their jobs.

MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Integrates Search Results on One Platform

Integrated with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search will provide Oracle Secure Enterprise Search users who already have the ability to search internal sources of content-including databases, document management systems and file servers-the additional wide range of industry-specific content-including wikis, blogs, Web-mining applications, subscription services and data feeds-all on the same platform. The most comprehensive, current and relevant results from every source are normalized by MuseGlobal and delivered through the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search platform.

"Oracle Secure Enterprise Search combines advanced security and superior search results with a broad set of out-of-the-box connectors to enterprise data sources," said Vishu Krishnamurthy, senior director, Secure Search and XML DB Development, Oracle. "By working with MuseGlobal, we have enabled customers in several key vertical markets to complement their Oracle Secure Enterprise Search deployments with access to external sources of industry-specific data."

First Phase Designed for Financial Services, Legal, Healthcare, and Education & Research

MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search is being offered initially to customers and ISVs across four verticals-financial services, legal, healthcare, and education & research. Through the integration with MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search can be further customized to address each organization's specific information management needs. For example, a law firm could take advantage of the MuseGlobal Source Factory's pre-built integrations to easily incorporate the company's 400 subscription resources into Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, enabling users to have instantaneous access to relevant legal research and enterprise information on one platform through one enterprise search query.

MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Fully Supports the Security of Enterprise Search

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search enables increased information security and facilitates compliance with government and industry regulations by providing multiple layers of security to help ensure users access only the information they are authorized to view. MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search will incorporate MuseGlobal's Secure Access Management tool, and build on the Oracle security model to allow security administrators to manage security for separate search sources via a common login.

"We recognized an opportunity to extend the power of Oracle Secure Enterprise Search to include a range of targeted, industry-specific data repositories and subscription services," said Kristina Bivins, president, MuseGlobal. "With MuseGlobal's MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search we've made more data readily accessible and can better meet users' industry-specific information requirements."

For more details on MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, please visit MuseGlobal is also a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

About Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g

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