Murata Showcases New Sensor Innovations at Sensor + Test Exhibition

Stand 12-294 SENSOR+TEST 2013 Nürnberg, May 14-16

Hoofddorp, Netherlands – Murata today announced it will be demonstrating several new sensor technologies on its exhibition stand at the forthcoming SENSOR+TEST 2013 event in Nürnberg, Germany.

One of the innovations on display will be a single optical sensor that has potential application as a touch-less gesture sensor for use with tablets, smart phones and other personal consumer electronic devices. Capable of detecting finger movement on three axes the sensor can be used to control applications by use of gestures in addition to detecting the proximity of a finger. Without the need to touch a screen, the sensor is ideal for a user that is wearing gloves, has wet hands or long fingernails.

Another new technology that Murata will showcase is a high accuracy magneto rotary sensor. Utilizing a semiconductor magneto resistive element and a permanent magnet it outputs a near perfect sine wave for detecting rotational movement both in terms of number revolutions and the direction of rotation. Detection along a straight-line axis can also be made in order to determine positional information.

As a result of acquiring VTI Technologies in 2011, Murata is now able to offer a wide range of inertial MEMS sensors for measuring acceleration, inclination, angular rate and pressure. At the exhibition, Murata will showcase a combined sensor for high-performance applications, which unites a gyroscope with an accelerometer in one component. This sensor can be used in various applications such as Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), robotic control systems or platform leveling.

Another demonstration will show the use of a low noise MEMS accelerometer with dedicated algorithm processing that uses the ballistocardiologic effect to detect the heartbeat by measuring blood flow.

SENSOR+TEST 2013 takes place at the Nürnberg Exhibition Centre between 14th to 16th May 2013. Further information can be found here:

Murata’s exhibition stand is in hall 12 – number 294.

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About Murata

Murata is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules, and devices. The complete range of this Technology house includes ceramic capacitors, resistors/thermistors, inductors/chokes, ceramic resonators, buzzers, sensors and EMI suppression filters. Whilst the company gets the majority of its revenue from its ceramic capacitor products, it is also the world leader in Bluetooth® & WiFi™ Modules, the world's no.1 manufacturer of board-mount DC-DC converters and is a key manufacturer of standard and custom AC-DC power supplies. Murata also designs and manufactures mobile handset antenna families, piezoelectric actuators for fuel injection systems and short focal length ceramic lenses.

Established in 1944, Murata is headquartered in Japan and has European offices in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Finland and Hungary.

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