Munters 'Brings to Light' Humidity Control Solution for Photonics Lab at Sydney University

At the interdisciplinary Photonics Laboratory (iPL) operating in Australia's Sydney University Madsen building, world leading research is undertaken in Photonics - technologies that use light to transfer information from one place to another.

Each room and laboratory in the Madsen Building is individually served by VRF ducted fan coil units. Outside air is supplied by a common mechanical ducted supply air system connected to each fan coil, providing the necessary fresh air required by ventilation code requirements.

Due to the coastal location and prevailing winds, high humidity is a regular occurrence in Sydney as well as other cities along the east coast of Australia. In humid weather, the mechanical ventilation system continually introduces air containing high moisture content to the laboratories that makes room humidity levels rise.

The Madsen Building often experienced condensation on walls and the risk of corrosion to sensitive equipment due to the relative humidity regularly increasing above 80%.

Seeking a solution, Ivanac Mechanical recommended the installation of a Munters' DryCool(TM) unit to condition the 400 L/s of ventilation air being introduced to the rooms. After the DryCool installation, the relative humidity in the room was restored to a comfortable 50% RH.

According to John Ivanac of Ivanac Mechanical, "The Munters' DryCool performed as expected, and use of the unit has eliminated the disruptions that previously occurred in the research laboratories."

The only building modifications required were connection of the DryCool unit's dry supply air to the existing fresh air intake, thus avoiding any complex redesigning or expensive replacement of the existing HVAC system.

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