MuMetal® Round Bar reduces low field disturbances.

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MuMETAL® Round Bar is used for production of forged components and precision CNC machined MuMETAL® tubes or pipes; required for electrical and electronic technical applications applying magnetic shielding alloy to reduce low field interference. Bars are available diameters from 0.250 in. to 8.17 in. [6,35mm to 207,5mm], and custom designs to spec. Tube or Pipe are designed and produced with tube bending, cutting, flaring and shaping processes.

Original Press Release:

CNC Machined Parts and Tubing Using New MuMETAL® Round Bar

With our NEW MuMETAL® Round Bar in-stock, we can precision CNC Machine MuMETAL® Tubes or Pipes, producing hundreds of thousands of Tubular components. MuMETAL® Bar is typically specified for electrical and electronic technical applications requiring a magnetic shielding alloy with a high permeability property to reduce low field disturbances. Other uses of Mu Bar include production of precision machined or forged components such as current sensors, current transformer cores, or ground fault circuit breaker relay parts. CNC or computer controlled machines run automated processes that are highly precise and result in quality manufactured parts, components, or products. Tube bending, cutting, flaring, swaging, and shaping are some processes that may be selected in the design and production of MuMETAL® tubes. Rapid production runs, high volume parts, close tolerance, and cost efficiency are realized benefits of CNC technology.

Atmospherically controlled Perfection Annealing is required after machining, forming, forging, or welding to provide maximum shielding performance. Read more about obtaining optimum magnetic properties.

Our MuMETAL® Round Bar is stocked in diameters from 0.250" to 8.17" [6,35mm to 207,5mm].

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