Multiprotocol Transceiver supports 8 different protocols.

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Capable of data rates up to 20 Mbps, Model SP3508 single-chip transceiver enables data communications between nodes in Wide Area Network applications. Through operating power supply of 3 V, TTL I/O lines are conditioned to LVTTL signal levels. Device incorporates intelligent charge pump, 8 transmitters, 8 receivers, and 1 µF charge pump capacitors. It operates in DTE or DCE mode and includes internal line loopback for diagnostic testing.

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Sipex Announces World's First 3V Only, 8 Channel Multiprotocol Transceiver

The SP3508 Supports Eight Different Protocols with the Fastest Data Rates in the Industry

(Milpitas, CA - August 26, 2003) - Sipex Corporation (NASDAQ:SIPX), a leading provider of high performance, analog integrated circuits (ICs), today introduced the SP3508, the world's only 3V, 8 channel, one-chip multiprotocol transceiver. Capable of data rates up to 20Mbps, the SP3508 enables faster data communications between nodes in Wide Area Network (WAN) applications such as routers, remote access and file servers.

By providing a single-chip integrated solution, the SP3508 offers a number of substantial benefits over other products in the market. Through its operating power supply of 3V, its TTL I/O lines are conditioned to LVTTL signal levels and thus eliminate the need for costly external logic translators. The device incorporates a patented intelligent charge pump to generate the typical voltages of +/-5.5V to support the output voltage swings required for serial communications standards. To configure the device for V.35 and V.11 protocols, the product features integrated termination resistors that are software configurable. The SP3508 also complies with the popular NET1/NET2 standards as well as the more stringent TBR2 standard.

The SP3508 supports eight popular serial interface protocols and offers true programmable DTE/DCE capability for all eight drivers and receivers through their individual tri-state control pins. Any of the supported protocols can be selected by applying a 3 bit code to the selection pins.

"As a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art military, government and commercial communications systems, the use of the Sipex multi-protocol SP508 and SP509 single-chip transceivers is paramount. These single-chip solutions offer a compact, versatile, robust design for high-speed multi-protocol data transmission," said Ron Di Christofaro, L-3 Communications Systems engineering. "The SP3508 extends the versatility of Sipex's single-chip solutions by providing a 3 volt I/O port for ease of interfacing to the low voltage / low power FPGA's, DSP's and logic families."

"The SP3508 appeals to designers since it significantly reduces component count, required board space and power consumption," said Kevin Plouse, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Sipex. "With 8 data channels, 20Mbps data rate and an integrated charge pump, this solution provides system designers a distinct improvement over existing dual-chip and slower single-chip alternatives."

SP3508 Typical Features

One supply 3.3V power line

Fast 20Mbps differential transmission

8 transmitters and 8 receivers

Supported protocols - RS232 (V.28), EIA530 (V.10 & V.11), X.21 (V.11), EIA530A (V.10 & V.11), RS449/V.36 (V.10 & V.11), V.35 (V.35 & V.28)

Operates in either DTE or DCE mode

Small 1 uF charge pump capacitors

Easy flow-through pinout

Internal line loopback for diagnostic testing

Pricing and Availability:

SP3508 is offered in 100-pin LQFP Package. It is available now and is priced at $24.50 in 1,000 piece quantities. An evaluation board is available to assist the designers with their evaluation of the device and its features. The datasheet for SP3508 can be found on the company web site at

About Sipex Interface Storage Products:

Sipex's family of interface ICs facilitate the transfer of digital signals between or within electronic systems and ensure reliable, wired connectivity between networks, computers, and the rapidly expanding mix of digital peripherals and portable devices that connect to them. The serial interface product group contains RS-232/RS422/RS-485 high speed, differential transceivers and multiprotocol transceivers. Sipex offers the largest portfolio of multiprotocol transceivers in the market addressing key areas of concerns such as One-Chip solution, high speed, high ESD and On-board Termination resistors.

About Sipex:

Sipex Corporation is a semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and markets high performance, value-added analog integrated circuits (ICs). Sipex serves the broad analog signal processing market with interface, power management and optical storage ICs for use in computing, communications, and networking infrastructure markets. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California with additional sales offices in Belgium, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Sipex sells direct and through distribution channels. For more information about Sipex, visit

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