Multiplexer combines 16 inputs into 1 output.

Press Release Summary:

Model 2100-M Series 16 Channel Multiplexer is available in models that handle milliamp (2100-M-I), RTD (2100-M-R), voltage (2100-M-V), and thermocouple inputs (2100-M-T). Each model is field programmable for industry standard inputs and outputs, and comes in DIN rail-mountable enclosure. It can multiplex up to 16 inputs into 1 output, selectable by PLC or data logging system.

Original Press Release:

The 2100-M Series 16 Channel Multiplexer

To compliment the 2100-A16 Channel Analogue Remote Station, the Low Cost 2100-M Series 16 Channel Multiplexer is available in several input types - 2100-M-I for Milli-amp Inputs, 2100-M-R for RTD inputs, 2100-M-V for Voltage inputs, and the 2100-M-T for Thermocouple inputs. Each model features Field Programmable Inputs, Field Programmable Output, Clock/Reset Channel Selection or Binary Channel Selection, and High Accuracy. Solid State Switches ensure extreme reliability and durability. These units come complete and ready to operate in a Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.

The 2100-M Series can multiplex up to 16 inputs into one output, selectable by a PLC or a Data Logging System. The PLC only requires two digital outputs and one analogue input to select and receive data from the 2100-M. For each additional 2100-M added to the system, only one more analogue is required.

The 21 00-M-I, the 21 00-M-R, and the 21 00-M-V are on board input programmable. The output can be configured to a selection of industry standard output signals.

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