Multiple Screwdriver System Increases Productivity

A machine builder contacted Design Tool Inc. for automated components to feed and drive 6 or 10 screws for a garage door application.  The components were required to drive the screws simultaneously, and the feed mechanism had to deliver the screws within the machine cycle time to maintain the production rate.  The screws also needed to be driven to a consistent torque on all drivers.

Design Tool Inc. supplied a 10 spindle platen assembly equipped with linear bearing components to accommodate different center distances between screws.  The platen assemblies used pneumatic screwdrivers with auto-shutoff clutches to maintain consistent torque on all screws.  The assembly was designed to allow all 10 driver assemblies to be serviced without removing components, even though the screws were spaced very close together.  The holes were predrilled in the application, so driver alignment and positioning accuracy were very important.

The machine cycle time required 10 screws to be delivered in less than 7 seconds.  Design Tool used their patented dual exit feed mechanism combined with a 10 exit multi-feed system to meet the cycle time and reliability requirements.  The system also included an auxiliary hopper to increase screw capacity and maintain consistent feeder bowl performance.  The machine greatly increased the production and quality of the garage doors, providing significant cost savings for the manufacturer.

Please call or visit our website for all of your automated fastener needs.  Design Tool Inc. can design a custom system tailored to your application to reduce cost and improve quality.

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