Multiple Purpose Sorter sorts and labels letters/packages.

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Model MPS7 automatically reads, weighs, labels, and sorts mail with processing speeds up to 7,200 mail pieces per hour. Available with multiple MLOCR engines, unit conforms to USPS regulations, including CASS certification requirements. Linear machine with Windows(TM) NT Platform looks up barcodes and addresses using Directory Retrieval System (DRS). Configurable for outgoing/incoming mailroom applications, it includes POSTNET print module and software.

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Opex Introduces The MPS7 Sorter for a Variety of Mailroom Applications

OPEX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of mailing equipment, is pleased to announce the introduction of the MPS7 Multiple Purpose Sorter. This innovative machine sorts and labels a variety of mail-from small postcards to packages. The MPS7 automatically reads, weighs, labels and sorts mail, with a processing speed of up to 7,200 mail pieces per hour. In combination with automatic feeding and reading, the machine is equipped with an exclusive scale and labeler. Of special interest to courier services and presort bureaus, the MPS7 is a unique sorter that is designed for a complete and wide range of mail processing applications.

The MPS7 utilizes the most innovative sorting technologies available for the mailroom industry. The machine is designed to conform to USPS regulations, including CASS certification requirements. Adding to the superior performance of the MPS7, multiple MLOCR engines are an option with the MPS7, providing one of the quickest and highest read rates in the industry.

"OPEX's commitment to developing innovative technology for mailroom applications has become the company's trademark," according to Mark Stevens, President of OPEX. "We believe that the MPS7 will satisfy a real need in the industry. There's simply no other machine like it in the marketplace."

The MPS7, equipped with a Windows(TM) NT Platform, is a sophisticated linear machine that looks up barcodes and addresses using a Directory Retrieval System (DRS). OPEX currently offers Parascript(TM) recognition technologies that work through the RAF(TM) MLOCR interface to perform handwriting recognition and interpretation to assign barcodes. The MPS7 is the preeminent sorter for processing a variety of mail, with exceptional accuracy and cost effective benefits.

The MPS7 can be configured for outgoing or incoming mailroom applications. In addition to its high-tech labeler and scale, the sorter features a POSTNET print module. An array of advanced software is standard and adds to the superior capabilities of this new machine.

In addition to the MPS7, OPEX Corporation offers the finest in mailroom automation with products that meet and surpass the needs of both high volume and low volume, incoming and outgoing operations. The company provides many unique mail opening, extraction and sorting machines, which deliver high-speed, efficient and reliable solutions for your mail processing needs. Product offerings include the MPS 40 Multiple Purpose Sorter, which is capable of a transport speed of up to 40,000 mail pieces per hour. The MPS 40 is equipped with multiple MLOCR engines for optimal machine performance. For the sorting of flat-size mail, OPEX offers the MPS 17 Multiple Purpose Sorter, exclusively developed for both speed and reliability. Designed to work with current sorting equipment, OPEX introduced the RJ7 Reject Processor-a system designed to turn rejected mail into properly barcoded mail using cost-effective processing and advanced features and functions. Providing maximum read rates for typed or handwritten mail, the flexible RJ7 can be configured with single or multiple MLOCR engines.

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