Multiple Component Dispenser features integrated robotics.

Press Release Summary:

Designed with gantry robotic cell integrated into chassis, Multiple Component Dispenser moves on X, Y, and Z planes and can incorporate as many options as needed to ensure proper material handling. Robotic cell utilizes ViscoTec's Perfectly Dosed Progressing Cavity pumps to ensure pulse-free dispense. Optional NeverEmpty Material Management Unit ensures material is always available, while IR camera views dispensed product to ensure there are no faults, bubbles, or flaws.

Original Press Release:

Fluid Research Offers Robotic Integrated to Dispensing System

Fluid Research Corporation ( announced the production of their new Gantry robotic integrated multiple component dispenser.

Robotic integration is quickly becoming the option of choice with many manufacturers who want the most consistent product available. Fluid Research designed a Gantry Robotic Cell that is integrated into the chassis of the dispensing solution, using the dispensing solution as a counterweight; eliminating vibration and wabble.

This new system moves on X, Y and Z planes; offering the ability to move across all horizontal dispense platforms. The precision dispensing is unparalleled, giving the user dependability, accuracy, and repeatability - an unobtainable feat to accomplish with manual potting. Fluid Research designs the integration cell, alleviating any compatibility questions; it's all incorporated into one unit!

This turnkey solution can incorporate as many options as needed to ensure proper material handling. Fluid Research's NeverEmpty Material Management Unit to ensure material is always available and ready when needed. Vision provides quality assurance guarantees. Fluid Research can integrate an infra-red camera into the automated Meter, Mix, and Dispense system to view the dispensed product under specific conditions to ensure no faults, bubbles or flaws in the product.

For example, Fluid Research's Gantry Robotic Cell can pot up to a twelve parts in one program; the only user interaction is loading the pallet with the appropriate parts and set the program schedule. It is the ultimate in efficiency, accuracy and dependability.

Fluid Research's Gantry Robotic Cell features ViscoTec's Perfectly Dosed Progressing Cavity pumps to ensure a pulse-free dispense while featuring the ability to easily integrate with robotics to further increase accuracy, repeatability and quality.

Fluid Research also recently released the new website, developed other new dispensing equipment, acquired a new facility to triple their manufacturing floor space, and added new management staff. All of these new additions over the past year further Fluid Research's dedication to educating customers to the benefits of automation; from efficiency and consistency to health and safety; automation elevates these features to a level that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

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