Multimeter works in hazardous areas.

Press Release Summary:

Intrinsically safe Ex-DM 1000 is approved for use in Class I, Div. 1, groups C and D, and Class I, Div. 2, groups A-D hazardous areas. It can measure parameters up to 65 V and 5 A in intrinsically safe circuits, and up to 1000 V and 10 A on other circuits. Measuring functions include ac/dc voltage and current, resistance, capacity, diode test and quick reaction transition tester. Input alert function ensures that measurement range corresponds to measurement jack.

Original Press Release:

Intrinsically Safe Multimeter Ex DM 1000

The intrinsically safe Ex-DM 1000 multimeter is a high performance measurement device for exacting industrial and electronic applications within and outside hazardous (classified) areas. For the user this means that with the Ex-DM 1000 parameters of max. 65V and max. 5A in intrinsically safe circuits are permissible and measurements up to 1000V and max. 10A on non-intrinsically safe circuits are possible and permissible. The safety feature is enhanced by the test for CAT III 1000 V. The input alert function ensures that the selected measurement range also corresponds to the connected up measurement jack.

The industrial types of application of the Ex-DM 1000 are the usual domains of application in electro-techniques. Basic measuring functions include AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacity, diode test and a quick reaction transition tester. These are supplemented by features such as frequency measuring with key recognition, relativity measuring, min and max average and an intelligent "Touch Hold" function. The explosion protection also enables it to be employed in measurement and regulating work as well as in the servicing and maintenance of units. The highly developed technology offers state-of-the-art application possibilities, which easily solve problems in day-to-day industrial work.

Approved for:

Class I Div. 1 C/D T4

Class I Div. 2 A-D T4

Ex 11 2 G EEx ia IIC T4

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