Multilayer Chip Varistors protect mobile devices against ESD.

Press Release Summary:

Model EIA 0201 Multilayer Chip Varistors include VR063 101A120 and VR063 330A120 versions with ESD peak voltage of 15 and 8 kV, respectively. Both have rated voltage of 7.5 V and clamping voltage of 22 V. Offering rated voltage of 5.5 V, VR063 101A080 also offers ESD peak of 15 V and clamping voltage of 15 V. Units measure 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3 mm and protect compact, handheld mobile devices against ESD.

Original Press Release:

New EIA 0201 Multilayer Chip Varistors from Taiyo Yuden Protect Hand-Held Mobile Devices against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Schaumburg, IL - New EIA 0201 Multilayer Chip Varistors from Taiyo Yuden are designed to protect today's slim and compact hand-held mobile devices against electrostatic discharge (ESD). Fact is, these varistors offer the industry's highest electrostatic discharge for their size. Both the VR063 101A120 and the VR063 101A080 boast the same varistor voltage, ESD resistance and other electrical characteristics as Taiyo Yuden's previous highly regarded EIA 0402 model. However, they measure only 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3 mm, and are 78% smaller than the EIA 0402.

Because ICs and semiconductor components of digital electronic devices are vulnerable to damaging electrostatic discharge, ESD protection is necessary. Mobile phones, smartphones and digital audio players are particularly susceptible, as they are in contact with the user whose body itself is a source of static electricity. The importance of ESD protection has also increased as the latest slim and compact devices are sacrificing grounding performance, and increasing the number of input-output interfaces for improved functionality.

The VR063 101A120 and the VR063 101A080 Multilayer Chip Varistors are currently being produced in volume quantities. The sample price is $0.05/unit.

Taiyo Yuden's line of EIA0201 Multilayer Chip Varistors is shown below.

Ordering Code Varistor Rated Clamping ESD Peak Capacitance
Voltage [V] Voltage [V] Voltage [V] Voltage [kV] (reference value) [pF]

VR063 12±20% 7.5 22 15 100

VR063 8±20% 5.5 15 15 100

VR063 12±20% 7.5 22 8 33


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