Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors suit high reliability applications.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing lead frame technology to isolate multilayer ceramic component from PCB, KPS High Voltage SM Series offers up to 10 mm of board flex capability. Units are available in both formed L and J lead configurations, and offer additional screening options, including Group A and Group B testing/inspection per MIL-PRF-49467. Typical applications include switch mode power supplies, high voltage coupling and DC blocking, voltage multiplier circuits, and DC/DC converters.

Original Press Release:

Kemet Offers High Voltage Large Case Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Higher Reliability Applications

Greenville, South Carolina - KEMET Corporation (NYSE: KEM), a leading manufacturer of tantalum, ceramic, aluminum, film, paper and electrolytic capacitors, today announced its KEMET Power Solutions (KPS) High Voltage (HV) SM Series capacitors. Designed to meet robust performance standards required in higher reliability industrial applications, the KPS family of devices utilizes leadframe technology to isolate the multilayer ceramic component from the printed circuit board.

"KPS technology provides enhanced mechanical and thermal stress performance," said Bill Sloka, Specialty Product Manager. "KPS SM Series devices are engineered with robust chip designs for higher reliability applications."

KPS HV SM Series devices offer up to 10mm of board flex capability and exhibit lower ESR, ESL and higher current discharge capability when compared to other dielectric solutions. Available in both formed "L" and "J" lead configurations, these products offer additional screening options, including Group A and Group B testing/inspection per MIL-PRF-49467.

Typical markets include power supply, LCD fluorescent backlight ballast, HID lighting, telecom equipment, industrial and medical equipment/control, military and downhole exploration. Typical applications include switch mode power supplies (input filters, resonators, tank circuits, snubber circuits, output filters), high voltage coupling and DC blocking, voltage multiplier circuits, DC/DC converters and coupling capacitors in Cuk converters, noise reduction (piezoelectric/mechanical), circuits with a direct battery or power source connection, critical and safety relevant circuits without (integrated) current limitation and any application that is subject to high levels of board flexure or temperature cycling.

Technical Information

Voltage: 500VDC- 10,000VDC

Case Sizes: ≥1515

Capacitance: 10pF to 5.6µF

Dielectrics: C0G and X7R

Qualification: Group A and B screening per MIL-PRF-49467 available

Termination: Silver plated copper alloy lead frame termination system

Optional: Formed "L" or "J" leadframe configurations


KEMET's common stock is listed on the NYSE under the symbol "KEM." At the Investor Relations section of our web site at, users may subscribe to KEMET news releases and find additional information about our Company. KEMET applies world class service and quality to deliver industry leading, high performance capacitance solutions to its customers around the world and offers the world's most complete line of surface mount and through-hole capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic, film, aluminum, electrolytic, and paper dielectrics. Additional information about KEMET can be found at

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