Multifunctional Instrument suits rough, mobile applications.

Press Release Summary:

Offered in robust metal housing, Mephisto Scope Um03 USB module includes 16 bit digital storage oscilloscope, spectrum analyser with FFT, Volt meter, logic analyzer, data logger, and digital switchbox with 24 I/O lines. It features offline/stand-alone logging, BNC connectors for connectivity of standard probes, ±300 Vdc over voltage protection, multiple trigger modes (threshold, windows, edge, dV/dt, external, and manual), and USB 2.0 full-speed connectivity.

Original Press Release:

New Mephisto Scope, 7 Measurement Instruments in One!

Meilhaus Electronic releases the new version of Mephisto Scope Um03. This multifunctional instrument includes a 16 bit digital storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser with FFT, a volt meter, a logic analyser, a data logger and a digital switchbox with 24 I/O lines. The instrument has a very robust metal housing: It is a device you can rely on - even in rough, mobile applications as for example in maintenance, service and education. With its low power consumption, the MEphisto is the ideal solution for mobile applications with notebooks. Lots of DAQ know-how is integrate directly into the software's online help.


o Oscilloscope: 2 channels, 1 MS/s per channel, 16 bit, up to 500 kHz, Range 200 mV...20 V. Time, spectrum and XY mode.
o Volt meter: 2 channels, input range ±100 mV, ±1 V, ±10V. 16 bit. Pointer display (software). DC, AC true RMS.
o Data logger analog and digital: Up to 100 kHz.
o Logic analyser: 16 channels, up to 100 kHz, CMOS level.
o Digital I/O switchbox: 24 TTL lines, each line programmable as input/output. Expandable with optional accessory ME-UB with relays or opto-isolation.
o Model UM203 - stand-alone data logger: Logging of analog as well as digital data on SD card. 256 MB SD memory card included. Up to 100 kS/s (depending on SD card type). The module uses the latest settings which were made online from a PC, when the module gets connected to the external power supply. Measurement/logging is started by inserting the SD card.


o Robust, compact USB module with 7 instruments in one.
o Additional function of the UM203: Offline/stand-alone logging. Data logging on SD memory card, independent from PC (a 256 MB SD card is included).
o UM202 doesn't require an external power supply. It is powered from the PC via USB. It has a very low power consumption which makes it an ideal solution for battery powered notebooks: Ultra low power 0.85 W. UM203 is powered by a external power supply (included) in offline/stand-alone mode.
o 16 bit resolution. 1 MS/s sample rate, up to 2x 1 MS/s simultaneous sampling. Analog bandwidth 1 MHz. Value memory 256 kS.
o Solide, reliable metal housing.
o BNC connectors for reliable connectivity of standard probes.
o ±300 VDC over voltage protection.
o Multiple trigger modes: Threshold, windows, edge, dV/dt, external, manual.
o USB 2.0 full-speed (USB 1.1 compatiblel). USB cable incl.
o Easy-to-use Windows software with panels for all 7 devices. Easy programming also with VEE Pro etc.

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