MultiColor Ink Jet Printer suits flat and semi-flat surfaces.

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Featuring automatic height detection and job queuing function, XD070 industrial ink jet printing system can print in multicolor in single pass. It has height and width to 12 in., and can print fine lines and details at 16 in./sec at 360 dpi. Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink enables printing of multiple images with zero down time. Other options available are automatic parts handling, pre-treatment and vision system.

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Pad Print Machinery of VT Introduces an Industrial MultiColor Ink Jet Printer

EAST DORSET, VT - In 2005, Pad Print Machinery of Vermont entered the Ink Jet Technology market with its first offering of a single color system purchased from a manufacturer in the United States. After promises of a bright future and offerings coming soon, in early 2006, the six color machine never materialized and the company we were using went out of business.

This was a hard blow and a big disappointment to us and our customers, but we picked ourselves up and made the decision not to be placed in this situation again. Thus began the PPMOV Ink Jet division, with a small team of dedicated professional, we started designing our own locally built in the U.S. monochrome ink jet system.

We have used the knowledge from those passed years - the monochrome ink management system and our experience with system integration to create a revolutionary new system that has components field tested over the past years.

The XD070 is the latest in our line of digital ink jet printers ideally suited for multi-color printing on flat and semi-flat surfaces.

Some of XD070 features include:

o Continuous multi-color printing in a single pass
o Perfect solution in variable image data for short and long runs
o High quality CMYK images using grey scale technology
o Fine lines and details at 16 inches per second / 360 dpi
o 4-color integrated RIP available with variable image data
o Product height and width to 12 inches
o Automatic height detection
o Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink allows printing multiple images with zero down time
o Job Queuing function
o Automatic parts handling, pre-treatment and vision system options available.

XD070 MultiColor Ink Jet Printing System is a low cost, high resolution, digital ink jet printer suitable for most applications.

For more information about Pad Print Machinery of Vermont's custom solutions or our full line of standard pad print, inks, pads, clichés and other auxiliary equipment and automation options, visit , e-mail or call 800-272-7764

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