Multiblast 3D Blast Systems are designed for heavy cleaning and finishing.

Press Release Summary:

Multiblast 3D Blast systems are designed for heavy cleaning and finishing use in post processing of 3D printed parts. Features include LED light panels and dust collectors. With a secure seal and rigid structure, these units can be used for functional or cosmetic purposes. Applications include smoothing striation marks, paint/coating surface preparation, and other additive manufacturing artifacts.

Original Press Release:

Guyson’s Multiblast 3D

Guyson’s Multiblast 3D is specifically tailored for use with post processing of 3D printed parts. The Multiblast 3D has the ability to create a wide array of surface finishes for both cosmetic and/or functional purposes.

It’s capabilities range from smoothing striation marks and other additive manufacturing artifacts, to preparing the surface for optimal paint/coating adhesion.

Our blast systems are extremely durable, rigid and tightly sealed. They are designed to last even under heavy abuse with minimal maintenance. Lighting the blast enclosure are 2 high powered LED light panels to provide good part visibility through the large abrasion-protected safety glass viewing window. The MULTiBLAST 3D is equipped with a Guyson Dust Collector. That has 99.99% efficiency to ensuring a clean and safe work environment. 

Guyson understands that from, SLS, FDM, DMLS, to Binder Jet and beyond, additive manufacturing methods leads to a wide array of part cleaning and finishing needs. We can help guide you to getting the finish and function you need.


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