Multi-Tier Architecture combines ILE-RPG platform and Java.

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Multi-Layered Architecture combines IBM eServer iSeries(TM) ILE-RPG platform with full function, Java-based presentation layer. It gives customers options for accessing, managing, and enhancing CMS applications across enterprise as well as capabilities for incorporating user and handheld devices into manufacturing IT environment.

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CMS Manufacturing Systems Launches New Architecture for Improving Application Functionality Leverages Strength of ILE-RPG and Java

Leverages Strength of ILE-RPG and Java to Produce 'Best of Both Worlds' Functionality for Manufacturers

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 13, 2004 -- CMS Manufacturing Systems, a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions to manufacturers operating in tight supply chains -- today announced that it has launched the next generation of its multi-layered architecture that combines the reliability of the IBM eServer iSeries(TM) ILE-RPG platform with a new, full function, Java-based presentation layer.

With the new multi-layered architecture, CMS Manufacturing customers can benefit from the optimum flexibility of Java-based presentation without sacrificing any proven strengths of the ILE-RPG business layer. The multi-tier architecture allows customers to take complete advantage of the speed, scalability, reliability and data management capabilities of the ILE-RPG platform while adding a variety of new and feature-rich visual, collaborative and Java-based capabilities to CMS applications at the presentation layer.

The launch of the multi-tier architecture is part of a three-year strategic plan CMS has implemented to continuously provide customers with increased flexibility for extending application performance and adding ease-of-use capabilities. CMS stands apart among enterprise software vendors for manufacturers in its commitment to go beyond "screen-scraping" interim solutions that lack the same level of integration between the ILE-RPG business layer and presentation layer. With the CMS multi-tier architecture, customers have more options for accessing, managing and enhancing CMS applications across the enterprise as well as greater capabilities for easily incorporating a wide range of new user and handheld devices into the manufacturing IT environment.

"Today, CMS is providing customers with the absolute best of both worlds for enhancing CMS software functionality," said Paul Craven, vice president, development, CMS Manufacturing. "Customers can now combine the unmatched ILE-RPG performance they have relied on for years with new easy-to-use Java and XML-based interfaces in order to continuously and easily optimize application and business performance in real-time and across the entire extended enterprise."

With the new architecture developed almost entirely from customer input, the new architecture represents one of the most significant undertakings in the history of CMS. The project involves the creation of approximately 10 million lines of new code to replace the 3,500 menu options in the core CMS/400 product and reinforces the company-wide commitment CMS has made to always provide customers with the most thorough approach to application modernization and a roadmap for continuously extending software and iSeries functionality.

"Today's news from CMS is an outstanding proof point for demonstrating how independent software vendors (ISVs) can utilize ILE-RPG and a new Java-based interface to deliver a modern, world-class user experience," said Doug Fulmer, IBM worldwide sales executive, iSeries e-business infrastructure. "The new CMS architecture is an example of an innovative and carefully thought out plan to provide customers with a highly successful and functional product for application modernization."

As CMS introduces new Java and XML-based interfaces, customers will have the option to use either the new presentation layer or a more traditional iSeries user interface. The new architecture allows for existing presentation layers and the new enhanced functionality graphical user interface (GUI) to coexist during the development phase. Only after the development phase is completed, will customers move exclusively to the new interfaces. CMS will offer free upgrades to the new architecture to all current users of CMS/400.

"CMS has a proven record of delivering industry-leading enterprise software functionality for manufacturers," said Tim Bryan, vice president, engineering and operations, Orchid International, a leader in the metal stamping industry. "They are now building on this leadership in functionality by making the investment to build the type of architecture that adds a new level of capability for their entire platform. We are currently using the new, Java-based GUI and are very happy with it. We've even used it with a dial-up connection and were very impressed with the responsiveness."

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