Multi-Tasking Machining Center delivers automated operation.

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Designed for producing turned and machined workpieces from bar stock up to 2.56 in. dia, HYPER QUADREX 150 MSY employs 2 horizontally opposed spindles for turning and C-axis control as well as 2 full-function tool turrets with XYZ axis motions. Automatic bar feeder and robotic part unloader can also be included. Operating together or separately, main and secondary spindles allow single part to be machined on all surfaces or 2 different parts to be machined simultaneously.

Original Press Release:

New HYPER QUADREX 150 MSY from Mazak Boosts Multi-Tasking Productivity for Medium-Sized Bar Work

(FLORENCE, KENTUCKY) - Mazak presents HYPER QUADREX 150 MSY, specifically targeted for efficient production of turned and machined workpieces from bar stock up to 2.56" (65 mm) in diameter. Hyper Quadrex features two horizontally opposed spindles for turning and C-axis control, plus two full-function tool turrets with X-, Y-, and Z-axis motions. It can be fitted with an automatic bar feeder and a robotic part unloader to create an integrated work cell for unattended machining of an industrial component.

With twin turrets and twin spindles, job shops gain innovative process opportunities. The main and secondary spindles can operate together or separately, allowing a single part to be machined on all surfaces through a coordinated "hand-off" between spindles, or two different parts can be machined simultaneously on one machine. Each turret offers a full complement of 12 VDI-type tools, including 7.5-Hp (5.5 KW), 6,000-rpm live spindles for milling, drilling, and tapping operations.

Since the twin turrets can operate independently or simultaneously on the same part, opportunities abound for simultaneous machining of two features on the same part or balanced machining strategies. In balanced cutting, two tools work together on the same feature such as rough and finish turning, rough and finish milling, or opposed feature drilling, tapping, or boring utilizing the Y-axes. In cases where the part configuration permits, balanced machining can remove up to 25 percent of the cycle time.

As with any high-flexibility, high-production machine, safe operations are a major priority. Mazak has included several intelligent control functions to address this need:
o Mazak Voice Advisor works in manual mode to verbally remind the operator through the Mazatrol Matrix CNC about selected switch settings and cautionary considerations.
o The Virtual Machining capability creates and executes an accurate 3D simulation of the cutting program to minimize test cuts and check for tool interferences right at the machine control.
o Intelligent Safety Shield is a 3D model of all machine, chuck, turret, tooling and workpiece elements. During setup or tool qualification with Tool Eye, this real-time simulation checks for all possible interferences, shutting down the drives as obstacles are identified.

High precision and accuracy are built into every HYPER QUADREX 150 MSY machine. Positioning accuracy is 0.0002" (0.005 mm) for all axes with repeatability of 0.00004" (0.001mm) on X- and Z-axes, and 0.00008" (0.002mm) on the Y-axis. C-Axis accuracy is 15 arc seconds with repeatability of ±5 arc seconds.

HYPER QUADREX 150 MSY features a 12.6" (320 mm) swing, 11.4" (290 mm) maximum machining diameter, and 24.4" (620 mm) machining length. The main spindle is equipped with a 6" chuck and C-Axis control, boasts 20-Hp (15 KW) turning capacity, 5,000 rpm, and a 2.55" (65 mm) bar size. The second opposed spindle offers 15-Hp (11 KW), 6,000 rpm and 2.0" (50 mm) bar capacity. C-Axis control is optional.

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