Multi Size Boxes Transported Overhead on Custom Carriers

An overhead conveyor system uses gondola style carriers to deliver multi-size boxes in this produce packing facility.

When packing a variety of produce at one facility, managing the various boxes and cartons can be cumbersome and labor intensive.

This vegetable packing company added an overhead conveyor system from PACLINE to streamline their operation. Here, the conveyor track was ceiling mounted to keep the floor area clear while cartons were transported from one part of the plant to another.

This PACLINE system was designed to move up, over and around existing equipment. Offering a wide range of vertical and horizontal curves, the versatile PAC-LINE conveyor can be designed to take virtually any desired path.

In addition, this produce packer required cartons of various sizes to be transported on the same line to the packers. To address this, two tiered custom carriers were built to handle the different box and carton sizes. Operators on the packing floor were then able to select from the variety of boxes and cartons as they pass by on the packing line - no need for the packers to leave the packing area to select the required cartons and the packing area remains clear and uncluttered.

The PAC-LINE enclosed track conveyor offers a full range of standard, pre-flanged components which makes the design and installation process simple. The PAC-LINE track has a bolt together construction, which means no welding is required and all components are zinc plated.

Visit the PACLINE website to learn more about automated carton delivery systems for fruit and produce packing operations:

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