Multi-Sensing Metrology System measures parts in one setup.

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SmartScope® Quest 650 utilizes multiple sensors to measure features on complex manufactured parts in one setup. Telecentric TeleStar® zoom lens has collimated profile illumination that matches aperture of optics over entire range, and thermally stable Meehanite provides measurement volume of 24 x 26 x 12 in. XYZ. Features include granite base, linear-motor-driven stages, 50 nm scale resolution, and MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software.

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NEW SmartScope Quest 650 - Large Volume Multi-Sensing System

ROCHESTER, NY, February 2004 - Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) extends the range and accuracy of precision dimensional measurement to new levels with the new SmartScope® Quest 650 Multi-Sensor Metrology System. Multiple sensors allow a system to measure a wider variety of features on a manufactured part in a single setup. OGP's SmartScope Quest 650 measurement system was designed from the ground up to measure with a variety of different sensors at accuracies unparalleled in the industry. High-speed linear motors, a large working volume, and support of a variety of sensors allow this system to measure complex parts quickly, easily and accurately, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

SmartScope Quest 650 supports a variety of sensor technologies (video, laser, touch probe, micro-probe) for precision measurement of virtually any parts that fit into its large measurement volume. Its video measurements provide the high accuracy normally associated with fixed lens systems, with the versatility and convenience of the wide magnification range of a zoom lens. According to Tom Groff, OGP Corporate Product Manager, "Our patented TeleStar® zoom lens was designed and built specifically for precision video metrology. It provides a phenomenally clear, high contrast image with virtually zero distortion." Groff emphasized, " The lens is telecentric and has collimated profile (episcopic) illumination that matches the aperture of the optics over its entire range. Coupled with the latest illumination technology the SmartScope Quest 650 excels at measurement of parts that are troublesome to other optical systems."

SmartScope Quest 650 features a rigid granite base and thermally stable "Meehanite" providing a measurement volume of 600x660x300 mm XYZ (24x26x12 inches), with an option of 400 mm (16 inches) of Z range. Its high speed, liquid cooled, linear-motor-driven stages and 50 nanometer scale resolution provide high throughput and high accuracy. This versatile 3D system provides an ideal solution for the widest range of measurement applications. Groff said, "This newly designed platform, TeleStar optics, multi-sensor support, and the standard MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software create a highly versatile system that significantly improves measurement accuracy, capability, and productivity for the kinds of complex parts being designed and manufactured with the latest CAD/CAM technologies."

SmartScope Quest 650 is one member of a family of high accuracy multi-sensor metrology solutions from OGP. From the bench top 250 to the large volume 650, SmartScope Quest precision is available for parts of most any size. Applications for SmartScope Quest include manufactured parts made of nearly any material from virtually every industry.

Software options for SmartScope Quest dovetail smoothly into MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor, offering CAD import, contour analysis and fitting, and customized report generation and data export.

Optical Gaging Products is a leading manufacturer of video metrology systems, multi-sensor measuring systems, optical comparators, and laser surface scanners. Since its establishment in 1945, OGP has delivered thousands of measurement systems to quality-conscious manufacturing companies worldwide. OGP has facilities in Rochester, NY; Denver, CO; Ann Arbor, MI; Singapore; Germany; and Shanghai, China. Optical Gaging Products is one of the Quality Vision International companies. For more information about the SmartScope Quest contact Optical Gaging Products at:

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