Multi-Port USB Hub syncs up to 10 devices to one computer.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for use with Infinity Mobile Device Cart (MDC), WoodWare A-USB Hub obtains maximum performance from multiple USB 2.0 devices connected to one computer. This 10-port high-speed USB hub has 2 swivel ports and one AC adapter, allowing user connect up to 10 USB devices to one USB port on notebook, PC, or MAC. Functionality meets/exceeds USB 2.0 specifications for data transmission rates up to 480 Mbps, and integrated current protection safeguards equipment from over-voltages.

Original Press Release:

WoodWare Announces New USB Syncing Hub for Use with Infinity MDC Mobile Device Cart; Perfect for Notebooks, PCs and MACs

Lebanon, OH – WoodWare Furniture announces the WoodWare A-USB Hub for use with its Infinity Mobile Device Cart (MDC). The hub obtains maximum performance from multiple USB 2.0 devices connected to a single computer, according to John Rouse, president of WoodWare Furniture.

“This 10-port USB high-speed hub has two swivel ports and an AC adapter that allows you to connect up to 10 USB devices to a single USB port on a notebook, PC or MAC,” said Rouse. “This is a powerful syncing accessory for our next generation media carts, ideal for education, healthcare, hospitality, government and retail locations.”

The USB hub meets or exceeds USB 2.0 specifications for high speed data transmission rates up to 480 Mbps. While the hub functions well in virtually every case without needing external power, a multi-voltage AC adapter (110/220V) is included for rare power-hungry devices. High current protection safeguards equipment from over-voltages.

WoodWare Infinity MDCs are cushioned and offer several other features that ensure mobile devices remain undamaged and power ready. “With the Infinity MDC, devices are safely placed flat, which is different from products that can only accommodate electronic devices on their sides, edges or other unstable storage patterns that make them susceptible to wear and tear, breaks and costly replacements due to damage,” Rouse pointed out.

Infinity MDCs are designed to accommodate all mobile devices, including tablets, eReaders, smartphones, cameras, netbooks, MP3 players and laptops. Carts are sized at 24 ¾” W x 25 ¾” D x 44” H and are shipped fully-assembled with power included. The carts are available in four different finishes and styles. Carts have up to 32 compartments and 16 drawers. Optional rack rails, rack drawers and adjustable shelves are available.


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Since its beginning in 1998, WoodWare Furniture has designed, manufactured and shipped technology support furniture. WoodWare Furniture products, available to end users through a national network of dealers, include innovative media presentation carts, lecterns, computer tables, podiums, and laptop and netbook charging carts. All WoodWare carts are made in the U. S. A. and shipped from Ohio.


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