Multi-Port Ball Valve simplifies piping connections.

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Plastic, lateral, 3-way ball valves replace conventional valve/tee connection combinations as well as zero dead-leg valves in piping system layouts. Available in sizes from ½-6 in., products can be made of PVC or CPVC with choice of FPM or EPDM seals. Integral ball permits flow to be diverted from center port to left or right ports without shutoff position. Valves feature one-piece molded body and true union design that permits removal from piping system.

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New All Plastic Lateral Three-Way Multi-Port Ball Valve Simplifies Piping Connections

Hayward's new plastic, corrosion resistant lateral three-way ball valves simplify piping system layouts by replacing conventional valve/tee connection combinations. This new valve can also be used to replace zero dead-leg valves in piping systems.

Hayward lateral three-way valves feature a specially designed ball that permits the flow to be diverted from the center port to either the left or right ports without a shutoff position. The heavy duty design of the valve will stand up to the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. Unlike some valves, Hayward's lateral three-way valve features a one-piece molded body. There are no fabricated, glued connections to fail or leak.

These valves have a true union design that permits the valve to be removed from the piping system without having to break down system piping connections. Just unscrew the three assembly nuts and lift the valve body out of the line for maintenance or replacement of internal components.

For those systems that require an automated valve, Hayward's three-way lateral ball valves have been designed for easy actuator mounting. For rock solid actuator mounting the valve incorporates a unique design whereby the mounting bracket for the actuator mounts directly to the valve body. This assures the proper alignment of the actuator to the valve without creating any damaging side loads to cause premature stem seal failures. Hayward has a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators, including Bus Control Systems, to accommodate any automated valve application.

Hayward lateral three-way ball valves are available in sizes from ½" up to 6" made of PVC or CPVC with a choice of FPM or EPDM seals. With their all-plastic construction the valve will never fail due to rust or corrosion and they do not require painting or epoxy coating to stand up to aggressive application environments.

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