Multi-loop Controllers integrate temperature, process, limit, power.

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EZ-ZONE® RM series includes high-density on-off or PID control module, high-density FM-approved limit module, and high-density monitor scanner module. Controllers allow users to mix and match I/O to configure 1-152 loops of control and up to 256 monitor points. Offering on-board data logging, sensor back-up capability, and adaptive control, modules also feature protocol choices including EtherNet/IP(TM), Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP, DeviceNet(TM), and PROFIBUS.

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The Watlow® EZ-ZONE® RM Introduces High-Density Modules Which Integrate Temperature, Process, Limit and Power Control from 1 to 152 Loops

St. Louis - Watlow®, a designer and manufacturer of electric heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, introduces additions to the EZ-ZONE® RM controller family to further simplify thermal system management.

The new additions include a high-density on-off or PID control module, a high-density factory mutual (FM) approved limit module and a high-density monitor scanner module. The high density additions expand the EZ-ZONE RM family from three to six modules making the EZ-ZONE RM one of the smallest footprint multi-loop controllers available today. These new modules join the existing on-off or PID/monitoring and over/under limit module, input/output (I/O) expansion module and the data logging and field communications access module.

"The EZ-ZONE RM is extremely flexible and scalable allowing users to mix and match I/O to configure 1 to 152 loops of control and up to 256 monitor points. Because the controller is single-loop scalable, customers pay only for what they need - exact loop count," says Jim Hentges, Watlow product manager.

Utilizing an integrated controller solution reduces wiring time and termination complexity, improves overall system reliability, reduces installation costs and eliminates compatibility issues encountered when using many different components and brands. In addition, integrated controllers reduce troubleshooting time and downtime costs since the system can specifically identify to the operator if there are any problems with a sensor, controller, solid state relay (SSR) power output or heater load.

EZ-ZONE RM allows for many optional integrated controller functions to be combined together or ordered in different quantities, including:
  • PID temperature/process controller
  • Over/under temperature limit control loops
  • 10 ampere solid state relay
  • 15 ampere no-arc mechanical relay
  • On-board data logging
  • Current measurement input
  • Multiple communication protocol options
  • Mobile configuration with removable secure digital flash memory
  • Sensor guard provides a backup sensor should the primary sensor fail
  • SPLIT-RAIL configuration to isolate low voltage input modules from high voltage output modules

    EZ-ZONE RM offers on-board data logging for the entire system, sensor back-up capability and TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control, which provides tighter control for demanding applications. Its communications capabilities feature a range of protocol choices including EtherNet/IP(TM), Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP, DeviceNet(TM) and PROFIBUS making integration to a larger PLC-based system architecture seamless.

    As part of the EZ-ZONE family of integrated PID controllers there is no need to learn a new menu flow or wiring and connection scheme because the EZ-ZONE RM shares a common user interface, menu structure, wiring and connector labeling and user manual support documentation with its other family members (EZ-ZONE PM and EZ-ZONE ST.)

    The new additions to the EZ-ZONE RM integrated multi-loop controllers are ideal for semiconductor processing, photovoltaic, packaging, plastics processing and a variety of other applications that require multi-loop control.

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    About Watlow
    Since the company's founding in 1922, Watlow has brought its thermal expertise to numerous applications, including semiconductor, photovoltaic, analytical, medical, clinical, plastics processing, foodservice equipment, packaging, aerospace and others. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Watlow is the largest custom designer and manufacturer of industrial heaters, sensors, controllers and software with offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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