Multi-Loop Controller is offered with adaptive control.

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Model PPC-2000 is available with TRU-TUNE(TM) adaptive control option, which helps fine-tune PID control loops and adaptively tunes dynamic systems. TRU-TUNE option automatically optimizes control parameters whenever necessary to keep system at target temperature. Standard firmware option controls up to 48 PID loops, and TRU-TUNE option offers 32 loops of PID control, with up to 8 adaptively tuned loops. Base system includes 46 DIO and 2 communication ports.

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Watlow's PPC-2000 Multi-Loop Controller Now Features TRU-TUNE(TM) Adaptive Control Option for Optimal System Tuning

St. Louis - Watlow, a leading designer and manufacturer of heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, recently added TRU-TUNE(TM), a new adaptive control option, to its popular PPC-2000 multi-loop controller. This new option helps fine tune PID control loops and adaptively tunes dynamic systems that would otherwise have to be re-tuned by operators.

The TRU-TUNE(TM) option improves tuning by automatically optimizing control parameters whenever necessary to keep the system at the target temperature. When a system is well tuned, the product is kept closer to the ideal processing temperature. This improves yield and reduces wasteful scrap and the need for reworking miss-processed material. Also, when the process variable tracks the set point more accurately, the process or equipment spends less time warming up and stabilizing, and is more available and productive, which can save capital and energy costs.

"TRU-TUNE offers many benefits including minimizing setup time and effort and ensuring optimum performance by automatically fine tuning loops more precisely than typical auto-tune features," said Sean Wilkinson, product manager. "It also helps reduce scrap and rework by providing stable control despite set point and load changes."

Watlow's PPC-2000 is a powerful, programmable multi-loop process control system. It combines easy-to-setup, multi-loop process control and programmable logic control into one, integrated package. Its modular design lets users select a set of hardware and develop a logic program based on specific control loop and logic needs, making it ideal for OEMs, system integrators and end users.

The PPC-2000's standard firmware option controls up to 48 PID loops. The TRU-TUNE option offers 32 loops of PID control with up to eight adaptively tuned loops. The base system includes 46 digital I/O. Optional I/O modules offer digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, high-speed counters, ac and dc inputs and relay outputs. Analog input modules accept mixed sensor inputs including thermocouples, RTDs and dc voltage and current signals as well as a high precision thermistor and a current transformer signal for open heater detection.

The two communication ports allow system designers to interface a personal computer and/or operator interface panel with the Modbus(TM) RTU protocol. ANAWIN® 3, the PPC-2000's HMI software, makes it easy to configure, monitor and customize applications. LOGICPRO(TM), the graphical logic programming software, offers easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming tools and PC-based program simulation, debugging and monitoring.

The PPC-2000 is used in many industries including semiconductor process equipment, electronic packaging equipment, plastic extrusion and thermoforming equipment and applications requiring 16 or more temperature or analog inputs.

The PPC-2000 carries the CE mark and is UL® and C-UL® listed.

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