Multi-Hot Runner Control Unit features touchscreen, USB interface.

Press Release Summary:

Microprocessor control unit, Z1242/..., provides 4 in. color touchscreen and USB interface. With user guidance and inscriptions provided in menus, display accelerates and facilitates hot runner system setup in manageable format. Parameters for all different zones are set out clearly through overview page, and system allows grouping together of control points and specification of setpoint values. Integral timer permits automatic activation of connected control units at desired time.

Original Press Release:

New Multi-Hot Runner Control Unit Z 1242/...

HASCO is now supplying a further development of its proven microprocessor control unit under the designation Z1242/... Instead of input keys, the control unit is equipped with an integral 4" colour touch screen and USB interface for data export and import. The new user guidance and the inscriptions in the menus have replaced the big LED displays, while the functions of the menu keys have been retained. HASCO is thus combining proven equipment with innovations and making the system easier and clearer to work with.

The new display permits rapid and straightforward set-up of the hot runner system in a readily manageable format, which is particularly useful for high-cavity applications. The parameters for all the different zones are set out clearly through an overview page. The grouping together of control points, specification of setpoint values and intuitive operation permit convenient, user-friendly start-up of the control unit.

Settings for individual zones and groups are possible at any time, which is helpful when tracing errors, and the parallel information shown on the unit and the display offers an easy means of comparing setpoint and target values.

In the event of warning and alarm messages, the zones in question are highlighted in colour. The integral timer function permits automatic activation of the connected control units at the desired time. Data can be readily exchanged, formulations saved and the system updated via USB. In addition to the main language interfaces provided, further national languages can be added at any time via USB.

Additional advantages of the HASCO control unit are the clear bar diagram, the setpoint value entry via a numeric keypad, and a key for directly calling up the diagnosis menu and the help menu in the event of an error message. This considerably facilitates operation of the unit and offers the user a whole number of advantages in the course of the injection moulding process. HASCO is thus contributing to speeding up work and enhancing value creation in the production process.


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