Multi-Function Sealant helps save energy and lives.

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JACO Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) is Classified by UL in accordance with ASTM-E136 for meeting non-combustible building material requirements. Product also acts as acoustical sealant, minimizing room to room and exterior noise. Zero Flame Spread/Zero Smoke Developed credited product guns from quart and 10.5 fl oz tubes. Water-based product can be tooled before curing and cleans up with water. After full cure, product may be sanded and painted.

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Fire and Draft Stopping - Sealing Residential Construction to Save Energy and Lives

Residential Draftstopping Increases Profitability

The Model Energy Code requires draft sealing in residential construction. Sealing the exterior of the home along with sealing around drywall joints and penetrations create dead air pockets that help retain insulation values. A home that has not been properly draft sealed can lose enough of its efficiency to reduce the R-Value of insulation by half.

JACO Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) is commonly used in residential construction as a multi function sealant. Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) is Classified by UL in accordance with ASTM-E136 meeting the non-combustible building material requirement that is specified by most Model Building Codes. JACO Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) also acts as an acoustical sealant keeping room to room and exterior noise to a minimum.

Marketing a new residential home as an energy saving home, sealed with JACO Fire and Draft Sealer(TM), will increase profitability and make the home easier to sell. Homes sealed with Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) are better insulated and heating and air conditioning savings will add up for the buyer. It is noted in several publications that properly draft sealed homes save as much as 40% in utility fees. Also, homes near airports, busy streets, and close proximity residences benefit from the acoustic insulation that Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) maintains. There can be a noticeable difference in noise levels between the properly sealed home and one that is not been sealed.

Properly sealing a home will help keep moisture out. Pressure differentials around drafts wick moisture inside a home and cause mold, mildew, and rot. Not only do these three things consume the organic materials in your home, they also are known to cause sickness and poor health to the occupants.

UL Classifications for Fire and Draft Sealer(TM)

Underwriters Laboratories has tested Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) in accordance with ASTM-E84 (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials UL Code BLIS). Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) was credited with a Zero Flame Spread / Zero Smoke Developed in UL ASTM-E84 Test Report. Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) was also classified by UL in accordance with ASTM-E136 (Standard Test Method for the Behavior of Materials in a Vertical Furnace at 750-730°C Also referenced by building codes as test for non-combustibility).

Fire Sealed Homes Save Lives

Sealing homes with Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) allow occupants a greater chance of surviving a house fire. House fires are fueled by combustible material and oxygen rich air. A properly sealed home will not have a flue effect that allows air to be sucked in around small joints and openings in walls and ceilings to fuel the fire. Homes properly sealed with a non-combustible caulk will normally buy time for Fire Fighters to arrive.

Homes should be draft stopped where the drywall has been cut away. Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) should be applied around window and door framing, electrical outlet cutouts, joints where a non-combustible seal is required (drywall compound is not a non-combustible building material), fixture junction box cutouts, and a where a draft or leak can be detected. Several contractors are sealing pipe and electrical penetrations in wood frame construction to create smaller dead air spaces, raising the insulation value.

Required areas of Residential Firestopping

Chimneys require firestopping with a non-combustible material meeting ASTM-E136 in residential construction. Penetrations in firewalls between the residence and attached garages require firestopping to ensure fire survivability. Firewall penetrations between multi family residential construction require firestopping (JACO Firestop is excellent in this application). Some local building codes require firestopping around HVAC duct work.

Install According to Manufacturer's Specifications

Contractors installing Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) should comply with the Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) installation guide. Installation guides are available by calling JACO toll free 877-660-2688. JACO agents are available Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, to answer installation and technical application questions.

Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) is easy to install. It guns easily from two convenient sized tubes, Quart and 10.5 fl. oz. Contractors often purchase One or Five Gallon Pails when they will be trowelling Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) into a joint or cavity, or filling their own caulking equipment. Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) is water based and can be easily tooled before curing. Fire and Draft Sealer can be easily cleaned up with water before curing. After full cure, Fire and Draft Sealer(TM) is sandable and paintable. 6/17/03

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