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Multi-Function Modules feature removable SMA connectors.

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Multi-Function Modules feature removable SMA connectors.

Jun 28, 2017 -

Providing gain control, amplification, coupler and/or detection for ALC function, Multi-Function Modules are available in attenuator-amplifier-coupler-detector, coupler-sampler with multiple sample ports, and coupler-coupler-detector types. Used on printed circuit board based system, units come with improved isolation and available in different sizes. Modules are suitable for radar and microwave test instruments.

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Multi-Function Modules

Press release date: Jun 27, 2017

Microwave Solutions Inc. offers the microwave system designer with the option of specifying multiple signal control functions within a single, standard size drop-in module. Originally designed for radar and microwave test instruments, these Multi-Function Modules (MFM) can provide gain control, amplification, coupler and/or detection for an integrated automatic level control (ALC) function all within a single package. Examples include an attenuator-amplifier-coupler-detector module, a coupler-sampler module with multiple sample ports, and a coupler-coupler-detector module for both coupling and power level detection.

Advantages: A module that can be individually specified and then, separately tested and specific performance objectives are verified before insertion into a system. This provides the designer with flexibility and better control over meeting design specification targets because parameters such as gain and coupling values can either be specified as part of the initial design, or left as a ‘black box’ and then revised when the exact performance criteria is determined after the system printed circuit board is completed. The removable SMA connectors allows for testing and verification in a coaxial system and then, with the connectors removed, the module is placed into a printed circuit board based system. Also, improved isolation between different modules because each module is individually housed. Also, certain functions, might be better realized using a different substrate other than the mother board. Sizes vary on functions required.

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