Multi-Fueled Appliance offers thermal, photovoltaic options.

Press Release Summary:

Capable of burning most anything as fuel and storing unused energy for up to 5 days, Turbo Burn uses minimal electricity, generally 300 W or less, for operation. Heat concentrated from solar rays delivered to appliance for energy storage will also be held for up to 5 days. With only PV system, system can generate electrical for operation of itself as well as heating elements. Thermal energy can reach over 200°, suiting applications where hot water is required and solar is available.

Original Press Release:

Multi-Fueled Appliance Includes Thermal and Photovoltaic

While the Turbo Burn stored energy system is known to be a multi-fueled appliance capable of burning most anything as a fuel (and will store unused energy for up to five days the thought for solar heating is not at the forefront of this concept; yet it could be and maybe should be.

The photovoltaic portion has already been discussed as the Turbo Burn appliance uses minimal electricity for operation; generally 300 watts or less.

Thermal energy, however, has not been discussed and is a new topic for many people. Using the suns rays; heat concentrated then delivered to the Turbo Burn appliance for energy storage, will also hold that energy for up to five days. Thermal energy can get up to 200+ degrees and would work very well in applications where hot water is required and solar is available.

Using only the photovoltaic system you can generate the electrical for the operation of the appliance as well electrical for heating elements which would be immersed in the body of water.

The Turbo Burn appliance is a multi-fueled appliance, solar can be used in conjunction with other 'fuels' for heat storage and usage.

When considering money savings off utilities or a more environmentally friendly approach to heating and hot water applications remember the Turbo Burn appliance can use solar along with other fuels and can use solar in an 'off-grid' scenario, too.

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